Stock Integrated Cards 1 Up - M1S0020

  • One and Two Card Options to Choose From
  • Laser Compatible Card and Carrier
  • Standard Card Size of 3.375” x 2.125”
  • Customize/Change Information Without Throwing Out Old Cards
  • Ships Same Day on Orders Before 1pm CST
  • Custom Laser Compatible Cards Available
  • Perfect for Laser ID Cards and Even Promotions/Coupons
  • Sold in cartons of 1,000

Price Each:

Product Total:

Stock Integrated Cards 1 Up - M1S0020

When you need to print laser id cards or membership cards quickly, turn to for stock integrated cards. Stock integrated cards give businesses the best of both worlds by offering a laser compatible card and carrier on one sheet. Not only do you get a laser compatible temporary card, but you also get a built in piece of letterhead. This is great for your customers because they can peel out their laser id card and file the information portion, or carrier, to keep for their records.

With stock integrated cards, there is no need to wait to print out your customer’s informational card. With individual plastic cards, the businesses that only need a few cards printed at a time would have to wait to achieve minimum printing requirements to submit an order. Our laser id cards alleviate that wait because you are in control of when you print. And even better, if you need to change your logo, verbiage or any other information printed on the laser compatible card or carrier, you will not have to throw away costly inventory!

Stock Integrated Cards – Applications And Ideas

Here are some ideas for using our stock integrated cards:

  • One and Two Card Options to Choose From
  • Insurance companies use laser compatible cards for proof of insurance/coverage
  • Retail stores can print loyalty cards, coupons and promotions
  • Laser ID Cards for employees and students
  • Training companies can print stock integrated cards for participation, or completion, certification courses
  • And Much More…
  • Sold in cartons of 1,000
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