Hotel Key Cards

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Hotel Custom Key Cards Printing Specs:

  • Material: 30 mil PVC or 30 mil Composite

  • Colors: Printing the face in full color and the back in black reduces cost

  • Mag Stripe: OE Densities to Fit Your Needs
  • Variable Imaging: Some hotels use this to indicate special guest or room types, such as “Preferred”

  • 30 mil White PVC and Composite Plastic Card Material Available

  • Low 250 Minimum Order

  • 10 Day Standard Turnaround for PVC Orders

  • 7 Day Turnaround for Composite Orders

  • Overview

    Hospitality Key Cards - Benefits & Features

    Customize your hotel keys. More than just branding, use your hotel keys to advertise for local merchants or services, or hotel services. Key advertising by local merchants can be an additional source of revenue for your hotel. If you’re paying the full cost of your current room key cards, you’re in a shrinking minority! Most cards are paid for by advertisers – local merchants who have services geared to travelers staying in your properties. These “co-op plans” are easy to start. We suggest contacting a few local food delivery services with an offer to run their full color ads on your room keys – for a cost. How much? At least enough to offset the cost of having your room cards printed. specializes in getting orders right the first time – every time. Online and offline, we work with you to get the most reliable products at prices you can live with. In fact, we guarantee our mag stripes for reliable coding, scanning and decoding. gives you more than reliability; we provide solutions with high quality! We print using photo quality digital printers to give you the highest possible quality at reasonable prices. You can also print your cards with variable information, so that each card is different than the others – often a great way to quickly segment room types. We do all of this – fast. Our standard printing time is just 7 to10 business days. Start your project with an instant quote or by contacting customer service.


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