Auto-Fold Label®


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Auto-Fold Label® - Quick Specs

  • Shipping Label and Packing List all on One Compact Label
  • Packing slip and shipping label automatically applied in one step saving time for increased efficiency.
  • Only 1 Item to Stock! No More Individual Shipping Labels, Packing Slips, or Pouches to Keep in Inventory!
  • All Personal Identifiers are Removed from the Packaging for Secure Disposal of Shipping Carton
  • Simplex Print the Auto-Fold Label®; with a Single Print Engine and Head
  • Less Equipment to Purchase and Maintain; No Need for a Computer and Printer at the Picking Station.
  • 1200 Labels on a 12” Roll
  • Label Size
  • 5.4375” x 12.875”
  • Carrier Size
  • 5.5625” x 13”

Auto-Fold Label® - Product Details

The Auto-Fold Label® is a complete shipping document where a packing slip and shipping label combine to make one of the most efficient, cost-saving case marking labels on the market.  This innovative label eliminates the need to have a separate poly pouch, packing list, and shipping label for an accurate, faster shipping line with reduced packaging errors. has collaborated with CTM Labeling Systems, who is known for their innovative equipment solutions, to offer customers the option of automatically applying the Auto-Fold Label® using the state-of the-art 3600 STAF Printer Applicator. By printing the Auto-Fold Label® with a single-head, direct thermal printer, peeling, folding and applying with CTM’s print and apply applicator, you have a complete packaging solution to improve both efficiency and your bottom line. 


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