Viewtech Forms


Viewtech Forms - Product Details

My1Stop® Viewtech is the newest in window design for pressure seal mailers. In the past glassine material has been used for applications that required reverse imaging on simplex printers for C and V fold formats. This glassine material is not sealed at the edges and often creates jamming. Viewtech is a fully laser compatible and laser printable material. We seal the entire perimeter of the window so there are no loose edges to jam. We also round the corners to further eliminate any potential jamming or catching to other sheets. The poly material is totally clear for easy viewing of addresses printed on the sheet, as reverse imaging is not used.


Grade Reports, class schedules, activity notices, notice of cancellation, benefits summary, policy changes, claim/benefit checks, statements, credit/debit memos, invoices, special promotion, fund raising, reservation confirmation, subscription renewal, monthly billing, shut off notices, collection notice, pledge agreement, questionnaires, product promotion, refund checks, expiration notices, license renewal, subscription billing, rebate checks, and gift certificates are types of applications for Viewtech pressure seal mailer.


Schools, insurance, business-to-business, direct mail, hospitality, newspapers, utility companies, collection agencies, fund raising, medical, government, home services, publishing, manufacturing, retirement, and the retail industry are a few users and uses of Viewtech pressure seal mailer. For more information about custom Viewtech please call our customer service team at 1-800-691-7867.



  • Fully clear poly material
  • Laser compatible
  • Laser printable
  • Full perimeter seal
  • No sharp or squared corners
  • Available in all sizes of pressure seal formats
  • Available in other mailer and non-mailer applications


  • Higher degree of readability
  • Eliminates jamming
  • USPS approved
  • May be applied in multiple locations

Who is using My1Stop Inc Viewtech pressure seal mailer today?

  • Payroll and Accounts Payable Departments
  • City and County Agencies
  • State Child Welfare Departments
  • Hotels
  • Data Processing Centers
  • Subscription Renewal Services
  • Schools and Educational Networks
  • Invoicing Departments