Pocket Forms


Pocket Forms - Product Details

My1Stop® offers several variations of pocket forms, each with their own features and benefits. We can create a pocket in a continuous, unit set or cut sheet document using paper, glassine, poly materials, or label stock.


Pocket applications can be used in many work environments, from small parts repair to payment applications to medical dosage control. Photo laboratories may need glassine for negatives while a Parks and Wildlife department may use a paper pocket for collecting fines. Other applications include evidence bags for law enforcement, patient valuable bags, DNA envelopes or hotel key holders. New applications are appearing in pressure seal forms for creating card pockets or manufacturing work tickets.


Glassine material offers a laser compatible, static free, scratch resistant material perfect for negatives or other delicate items. Paper material allows privacy in a pocket, for instance, a patient valuable bag. Poly Pockets allow the user to view the contents without opening the envelope, which is ideal for some medical and repair applications. Remoistenable glue, metal clasp or transfer tape can be used as the sealing device.


New adaptations have now included integrated labels, bar coding and padded segments to protect CD’s, DVD’s and other fragile items. For more information about Pocket Forms please call our customer service team at 1-800-691-7867 . We are here to make your pocket forms work for you!


Hospitals, pharmacies, laboratories, banks, part stores, jewelry stores, fundraisers, state lottery commissions, utility companies, photographers, convention bureaus, and more commonly use pocket Forms.


Poly Pockets are commonly used for unit dosage, re-coding checks, small parts orders, jewelry repair, lab tests, pledge card carriers, lottery winner claim forms, utility repair forms, photography proofs, patient valuables, job jackets, and convention name badge holders.



  • Economical continuous strip construction or...
  • Premium patch construction available
  • Custom cut sheet, unit set and continuous form or label format
  • Clear poly, glassine or paper material choices
  • A security slit feature can be included on pockets using pressure seal tape to seal