Joined Web Forms


Joined Web Forms - Product Details

My1Stop® is an industry leader providing solutions with a wide offering of label/form combinations. My1Stop® is known as an industry leader when it comes to providing documents that provide labor-savings and increased accuracy. When evaluating your system, our goal is to lower your total cost of processing the product. Using specialty label/form documents such as the Joined Web has helped major companies across the United States to improve their operations.


My1Stop® joined-web is a one-ply form that consists of two different materials – usually a pressure sensitive label stock and a form material such as bond or tag. Also known as twin-web or dual web, this product is manufactured by combining two materials together on one press in one pass. This ensures color match and registration of the two materials since they are both printed, perfed and die-cut on the same press. Due to our wide range of manufacturing capabilities we can create solutions involving a myriad of materials for all types of applications. This product can be purchased as cut sheets or continuous pin-feed products for dot matrix or laser printers.



The combination of a label and a form can greatly streamline your information flow. Producing the product in one pass on the press means lower manufacturing costs that can be passed on to the customer. You save processing time as the form and label portion are processed in one computer run instead of two. This not only reduces printing time, which increases your productivity but also decreases the possibility of errors caused by mismatched documents.


Applications and Uses

Applications for joined web labels include picking, packing, shipping, invoicing, carton labels, law tag/labels, and pharmacies.Industries that this could help are Distribution centers, mail order houses, clothing manufacturers, paper companies, furniture manufacturers, software companies, dental appliance manufacturers, steel fabricators, computer stores, laboratories, and others.

  • Custom, laser-compatible sheets & one-part continuous formats
  • Multiple-part continuous or unit set options
  • One step production for one part joined-web label/forms
  • Flexographic (up to 6 colors) or offset printing (3 or 4 colors)