Form-N-Label Combination


Form-N-Label Combination -Product Details offers a wide variety of labor saving and accuracy enhancing document solutions for a variety of companies throughout the U.S. We call a label that is collated onto a form a Form-N-Label. This style of form and label combination was the first style merging the two mediums. We are capable of producing this format in many sizes and quantities at any of our plants. For more information about Form-N-Label, please call 1-800-691-7867 and a Customer Service Representative will be happy to help you.


The combination of a form and label simplifies and streamlines your flow of information by making a one-write document that reduces errors. This style of the combination can be produced as Unit-Sets or Continuous Forms with ease. The added convenience of creating both a label and a form simultaneously promotes efficiency and reduces confusion caused by errors from repetition.


Form-N-Label can be utilized for picking, packing, mailing, shipping, job tickets, ad responses and inner carton labels. Organizations such as distribution centers, freight companies, publishers, parts manufacturers, raw material suppliers, furniture manufacturers, testing labs, steel fabricators and others use Form-N-Label.


The Form-n-Label was developed to address a need for enhancing accuracy between the form and label mediums. Forms and labels are combined to create a document and a series of labels that are consistent with one another. This is and exceptional product and will save time and headaches in the long run. Some applications for Form-N-Label combinations include pick/pack slips, chain of custody lab forms, service provider work orders, delivery forms that are used for transport files in and out, price markers for retail stores, and many more.

The most important piece of knowledge revolves around knowing that whatever the application is, you can come to our staff to help design a custom order. Our experience with the many options available in a form/label combination will help you to achieve a document that will fit your needs.