Affixed Labels


Affixed Labels - Product Details

Add-A-Label is our terminology for labels that are applied to forms. Also known as affixed labels, this is one of the oldest and most widely recognized methods of combining labels and forms. We offer unmatched flexibility in this product line. We can add nearly any type of label to any part of a form in a multitude of sizes and quantities.



Affixed Labels Value

The combination of a label and a form can greatly simplify and streamline your information flow. Instead of separate computer runs, all of the information is printed in one pass. This not only reduces printing time but also decreases the possibility of errors caused by mismatched documents while increasing processing productivity.


Affixed Labels Solutions

Combining two or more functions into one document can improve your efficiency.


Affixed Labels Applications

Picking, packing, mailing, shipping, chain-of-custody, patient folders, X-rays, etc.


Affixed Labels are Used by

Distribution centers, mail order, manufacturers, hospitals, labs and others

  • Single or multiple-part continuous, unit set or cut sheet options
  • "Under-One-Roof" production
  • Complete line of label and form features