Why Your Business Shouldn't Go One More Day Without Offering Plastic Cards!

By Amy Silvers

May 14, 2012


Every business is always looking for ways to grow.  Whether they want new customers, get their current customers in the door or both, plastic cards are a great way to increase revenue and grow your business.  Because you can use plastic cards in so many different ways, a business can tailor a program based on their size and budget.  Some businesses want to have a gift card program.  Some simply want to advertise a program.  And there are now businesses that opt for a plastic business card instead of a traditional paper one.  All of these options, or even just one or two can provide new opportunities for growth.  Plastic card printing doesn’t have to be complicated for a business to achieve results.  Here is how!

A plastic gift card program can seem a little overwhelming if a business has never done one.  There are a few routes to choose from when it comes to a gift card program.  First, if you can take credit cards, then you can probably take gift cards on the same system.  It is as easy as contacting your point of purchase provider and asking questions.  A more simple option is choosing a gift card that comes with a barcode or custom number with the actual gift amount directly on the plastic card.  The cashier simply takes the card and manually types in the gift amount, or scan in the barcode.  Most consumers tend to spend more than what is offered on their gift card, so it is a win-win for both business and consumer.

Another great way to utilize a plastic card is by offering a discount or advertising promotion right on the card.  You can send this type of promotion via mail attached to a paper marketing piece, or opt for a plastic postcard mailing where the customer can snap out the card from the rest of the mail piece.  Not only does this make the marketing mailer interactive, but the fact that the entire piece is plastic makes it less likely to get thrown in the garbage.  Plastic postcards tend to average a much higher return on investment than a standard paper postcard.

And finally, another great marketing option is a plastic business card.  If you get several business cards, either at a trade show or just in a highly competitive retail area, a plastic business card is easily found in a stack of paper ones.  They also tend to be slightly larger, definitely more durable, and fit great in any wallet or pocketbook.  The likelihood that it will be lost or destroyed in a washer is much less compared to its paper counterparts.  There is full color, clear and frosted plastic business cards that make them stand out even more.

Implementing plastic cards into any business strategy is a great way to keep current customers happy, acquire new ones and see continued sales.  Budgets large and small can all benefit from these little marketing billboards, and enjoy the results throughout the year!