Presentation Folders Design Tips & Tricks

You can design great looking presentation folders that get results! All you need is a few tips and a great supplier of custom presentation folders like, who can provide you with free advice, samples and design templates – and all of the right printing options.


Tip #1 – Get Samples
The best suppliers of presentation folders will provide you with free samples. Most good suppliers offer an online sample request form – if you have time, call the supplier instead. A few minutes on the phone with an experienced rep will help your supplier get you presentation folder samples that are matched to your needs. The supplier might send full color presentation folder samples (great for pictures and logos) as well as foil and embossed samples (for special occasions and an elegant look) and economical one or two color samples. Once you have samples of custom presentation folders, review them with your team and maybe even a customer or two. Start a “likes and dislikes” list. Add design styles, layouts and positions of text and pictures to your list. Use the “likes and dislikes” list as you design your custom presentation folders.


Tip #2 – Use Templates
Templates are the best way to start your custom presentation folders design. Templates are artwork files, laid out with many design elements already in place. You simply add your text and images to areas shown on the template. Use the “likes and dislikes” list you made from the sample review to find one or two templates that match your list. Add text and images based on your needs and also your “likes and dislikes” list. Try to come up with at least two designs. Share your designs with the same group you had for your sample review. Make changes as needed – and start thinking about printing and options for your custom presentation folders. Design style have a lot of influence on available options for presentation folders.


Tip #3 – Choose Options That Work
Custom presentation folders have four main option categories: material, size, pockets and printing. Your design will determine what material and size of presentation folders to order. Most styles of presentation folders have the same pocket options; no pockets, left or right only pockets and pockets on both the left and the right. Pockets for presentation folders can typically be ordered with or without slits for business cards and CDs or DVDs.


Tip #4 – Get A Free Artwork Review
This is a free service for any qualified presentation folders supplier. The supplier will review your artwork, looking for corrections that will make the printing process flow smoothly and provide excellent custom presentation folders as a result.


Tip #5 Order Only What You Need
Digital printing has lowered the minimum order of custom presentation folders to just 250. You can manage your budget by keeping overall costs down if you order only what you need. Ordering just what you need eliminates the cost of having presentation folders on hand with obsolete information.


The best suppliers know these – and many other tips – to help you get the most from your custom presentation folders. SO, get started with your presentation folders project, today! is the online printing superstore for custom presentation folders. Every day, we work with customers online – and offline – to print the perfect presentation folders for their needs. Please visit us online or call, today. We’re America’s commercial printing superstore and we look forward to seeing you in one of our aisles, today!


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