How To Order Custom Magnets

Custom magnets come in a wide range of standard and custom, shapes, sizes and materials. You can order your custom magnets with confidence when you have a bit of insight about custom magnet printing. It also helps to have a great custom magnet printer who will works for you online and offline. is a great example of a custom magnet printing partner. Here’s what you can learn about ordering custom magnets . . . .


Tips For Marketing With Custom Magnets
There are six main types of custom magnets you can use to market your business. Using more than one type, or category, of custom magnets will help you reach more prospects in different ways. Take a look at the different categories of custom magnets below and see how to put them to work in your business.


Some of the most popular categories are:

  • Business Card Magnets
  • Custom Shape Magnets
  • Calendar Magnets
  • Frame Magnets
  • Outdoor Magnets
  • Save The Date Magnets


The best suppliers of custom magnets try to make ordering easier by grouping custom magnets into categories. If your custom magnet fits into one these categories, you’ll find options available just for that type of custom magnet. Categories make ordering easier and usually provide you with better pricing and faster turnaround. Be sure your supplier has offline customer service should you have trouble choosing the right category for you custom magnet project.


A truly custom magnet size or shape is a category unto itself. This is a great option if you want to add additional impact to your custom magnets by designing them in a unique shape such as your logo or an icon related to your cause or business. Digital printing and cutting has turned what used to be a costly and long turnaround option in to an affordable and fast solution for truly custom magnets. Get live customer service insight from your supplier before deciding to use this approach.


For indoor uses, your custom magnets will be printed on either 19mil, 34 mil or 39 mil material. Outdoor magnets should always be printed on 34 mil or 39 mil material. What’s the difference in these materials? In short, how aggressively they can stick to metal. 34 and 39 mil is the strongest and the thickest materials used in most custom magnet printing. It will hold up 5 sheets of normal paper to a fridge and will hold on lightly to most vehicles. The thinner 19 mil material is perfect for a custom magnet that will hold 1 sheet of paper. Again, sample will help – so be sure to get some from your supplier’s customer service team.


Printing Options
The best custom magnets are printed digitally, in photo quality color. Photos, graphics and even text are noticeably crisper and sharper when custom magnets are printed digitally. Ask your supplier for samples so you can see how incredible digital printing looks on custom magnet materials.


Knowing just these few new details and working with a customer service specialist will help you get the most from your custom magnet project. is the online superstore for custom magnets. Every day, our customers work with us online – and offline – to get the perfect custom magnet for their needs. Please visit us online or call, today. We’re America’s commercial printing superstore and we look forward to seeing you in one of our aisles, today!


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