What You Need To Know About Plastic Business Cards

Considering plastic business cards? They grow in popularity every day, in part because of the new eco friendly materials that My1Stop.com and other suppliers now offer.  And, if you’re looking for impact, there’s nothing more noticeable than a plastic business card.  


You want your cards to stand out from the crowd and plastic business cards do that for you in two ways:

  • Plastic business cards are a different size than traditional paper cards
  • Plastic business cards are a different thickness than traditional paper cards

Here’s what you need to know about the different size and thickness of plastic business cards.


Plastic Business Cards Are A Different Size
Plastic business cards are a different size than traditional paper cards. That’s what you want. At 3 3/8” x 2 1/8”, plastic business cards don’t fit quite right in your prospects’ stack of cards. In fact, most plastic business cards – because of their shape – end up not getting lost in the rubber-banded together stacks of traditional sized cards that are usually lost at the bottom of a desk drawer. Not only does the size keep your plastic business card from being stuffed away – but the thickness of the material also changes the way prospects will view, handle and store your plastic business cards.


Thickness Impresses
I wish I had a dollar for every time a customer asked for “that real thick” business card paper. That “real thick” paper is outrageously expensive and almost impossible to print and cut well. But, I have always understood why our customers wanted that “really thick” stuff – some time in their experiences they were handed a “real thick” business card. That card made an excellent first and lasting impression.


Something about the thickness of a business card suggests quality, professionalism and security about the person and the company represented on the card. The benefits of plastic business cards over “real thick” paper cards are clear cut; plastic business cards often cost less and provide photo quality print results with no alignment issues due to cutting challenges.


Plastic business cards are typically white 30 mil composite materials. The newest materials, offered by the best suppliers, are totally eco-safe. Plastic business cards are precision printed and trimmed to incredible tolerances.  The “real thick” paper cards just can’t “cut it”; they don’t “stack up” to plastic business cards.


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