New _Narrow Down_ Design For Rack Card Printing

You want qualified prospects pulling your rack cards from the holder as if they were free money. The new “narrow down” rack cards design approach offered up by gets those results. This new approach to the old upside down funnel design not only gets terrific results, but it’s easy to apply and it works for rack cards of every kind.


With rack cards, you get about 2 seconds to turn a passerby into a prospect. In those two seconds, you’re competing with dozens of other rack cards for attention. The new “narrow down” design makes the most of photo quality rack card printing to set your rack cards apart from the crowd and to convert a casual passersby into qualified prospects.


Here’s how the new”narrow down” design works. You’ll design your rack cards in three equaled sized sections. This is easy, just think of them as top, middle and bottom. The top section has one function, get your rack cards noticed. The middle section is a picture gram – it tells your story. The bottom section displays your contact information. Here’s what you’ll need for content in each section.


The top most area of your rack cards is the “gotcha” text, in one or two lines using a large, simple font. The remaining area of the top section includes your large “gotcha” image followed by smaller body text that pulls the “gotcha” text and the “gotcha” image together. This message and image are all that you have to get your rack cards picked out of the rack. You need to devise your message so that it hits your prospective customer’s right between the eyes with what you do and why they need you to do it. Trial and error, writing dozens of examples is the best way to get at the best “gotcha” message for rack card printing. Likewise, you need a “gotcha” image to support the message, visually telegraphing your message to the viewer. Choosing the right image takes time. Spend the time for outstanding results.


In the middle, rack cards should tell your story in detail – using images with very brief text descriptions that add to each image. Most rack printing designs work best with four images – in a two by two grid. Pick excellent images. This means images that really tell a story that assures the viewer of your ability to meet their needs – whatever those are. Excellent images are also the highest possible quality images you can find. Digital printing enables photo quality pictures in rack car printing.  Tell a relevant, quality story in four photo squares and use one line of small text under each image for detailing – or offers.


This is where you put your business name and contact information. If you need a map – add it to the back of your rack card printing order. Keep this area clean, clutter free and to the point. Underscore the contact information with any special offer on promotion that states the offer and says, “contact us for details.” Now, find a rack card printing supplier who really gets the “narrow down” design approach and put your rack cards to work. is the online superstore for rack card. Every day, we surpass our customers’ needs for custom printed rack cards. Please visit us online or call, today. We’re America’s commercial printing superstore and we look forward to seeing you in one of our aisles, today!


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