Getting The Right Quality and Value For Your Labels Project.

Quality costs. When printing labels, that’s a good thing to know. Matching the right quality with your project needs can save you money and assure you that your labels perform exactly as expected.  This guide will help you make the right quality decision when printing labels of every kind. You should work with or another quality supplier of labels to make sure you get the best “quality to value” possible for your labels.


The Quality Labels Guide
This Quality Labels Guide will help you decide what the best materials and printing methods are when printing labels for the popular applications listed below. Using the right materials for your labels can make your project more costly – up front. But, choosing the right quality of labels will be the best value overall as your labels will perform the way you need them to – for as long as you need them to.


Application Material Printing Method Cost Range
Asset Labels Vinyl, Poly Digital Mid
Barcode Labels Paper, Vinyl, Poly Thermal or Digital Low to Mid
Bumper Stickers Paper Digital or Flexo Mid
Distribution Center Labels Paper Thermal Low
Graphic Nameplate Labels Lexan®, Poly, Metal Digital or Screen High
Mailing Labels Paper Digital Mid
Product Labels Vinyl, Poly, Film Digital Mid to High
Security Labels Holographic Foil Digital or Thermal Mid to High
Shipping Labels Paper Thermal Low
Warning Labels Paper, Binyl, Magnetic Digital or Screen Mid


Some of the materials and printing methods might be unfamiliar. That’s a good reason to work with a quality labels supplier when printing labels for any project. The best suppliers will help you realize excellent “quality to value” by getting the right materials and printing process at the lowest possible upfront cost. Also, before printing labels, be sure to get samples of the materials your supplier recommends. is the online superstore for printing labels. Every day, we surpass our customers’ to needs for stock and custom labels. Please visit us online or call, today. We’re America’s labels printing superstore and we look forward to seeing you in one of our aisles, today!


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