What Makes Rack Cards Work?

Rack cards comprise a very unique and very powerful advertising niche. The niche is unique because rack cards are best suited to be visible only in rack card displays. Rack card printing provides great advertising results when the rack cards are placed in the right location and designed the right way, with the right message.  Here’s how My1Stop.com and other rack card printing suppliers make rack cards work for you.


What Makes A Rack Card – A Rack Card?
Rack cards are defined by their size which is determined by display rack pocket sizes. Rack card printing is done on 4” wide by 9” high paper stock.  While a lot of materials can be used, most rack card printing is done on 80# or 100#, or even heavier, cover stock. These stocks are rigid enough to prevent rack cards from flopping over when on display. Rack card printing can be done on the face and back of rack cards.


Results That Work – The Right Location
Rack cards are found in many places, but most frequently they are found in places with high concentrations of business travelers or tourists, in business lobbies and on retail counters. Placing rack cards in your lobby or on your counters, is a good use of rack cards when you have “captured” the customer to your location. Hotels, transit hubs, resorts and tourist areas present opportunities to use rack cards to pull prospects into your business. When selecting these locations, do your homework. Be certain you know that business travelers and tourists who pass through these areas will be highly interested in what you do. If you’re convinced that what you do is something business travelers and tourists need –and want – then you need to get busy designing your rack cards.


Results That Work – The Right Design
The best rack card printing designs use a newspaper headline approach. This means placing a relevant and eye catching headline (and possibly an image) within the top 1/3rd of the design of your rack cards. Most rack card displays are tiered so that no more than 1/3rd of the rack cards appear at-a-glance. The remainder of your rack cards should be informative on the highest possible level, providing images that tell a very short story at that; giving the reader just enough visual excitement and textual information to get them to act. You need to be very clear about how you want viewers to respond to your rack cards. Make your address, web site, email, and telephone number be noticeable – based on how you hope the prospect will contact you.


Results That Work – The Right Message
The top 1/3rd is where you must instantly grab the viewer’s attention and compel them to pull your rack cards from the rack. The right message needs to be relevant to your business and to the viewer. Including a question, presenting a discount or a free offer are tried and true methods for getting attention. As an example, a fly fishing tour guide might use a message like, “THE FLIES ARE ON US” or CATCH YOUR LIMIT OR THE TOUR IS FREE.” Make sure the message is in the top 1/3 of your rack cards and that the message is relevant and almost addictive.


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