Full Color Printing - Tips For Printing?

Full color printing is the best choice for reasonably priced quality printing. But not all full color printing yields the same results. The printing partner as well as the materials, finishing and your art work all contribute to the quality of each project you print. Here are some tips to getting the best results from full color printing.


Tip 1. DPI matters.
 My1Stop.com and a handful of other commercial printing partners are unique. Their printing solutions and their experience set them apart from other full color printing suppliers. The best full color printing partners print using true photo quality technologies. For you, that means better quality at affordable prices. The quality is superior because of the DPI differences between standard and photo quality digital printing. Standard full color printing is done at 1200 dpi (or less) while photo quality full color printing is done at 2400 dpi. The difference is easy to see. Make sure your printing partner prints at 2400 dpi. Get samples to make sure.


Tip 2. Materials define quality.
Material (paper) choices are what set exceptional printing apart from just good printing. For most commercial printing projects, only four materials should be considered; 80# cover and text and 100# cover and text. Matte or gloss options are helpful, but the best results for full color printing are done on gloss paper. For quality results, use the thickest paper you can afford. Typically, paper cost increases with the paper weight, so 80# costs less than 100#. Text paper is typically more affordable than cover stock. For two sided printing, pick the thickest cover stock you can – this will prevent “show through”. For one sided printing, use a thicker stock for presentations and a thinner stock for trade shows, displays and handouts. If a supplier tries to offer you a “special discount” for paper that is lighter than #80 pounds, run away. Stick with the standards for the best results – and the best pricing overall.

Tip 3. Finishing gets results.
Full color printing almost always consists of photos and lots of ink coverage on the paper. Ink also can fade, smudge a bit and even scratch. To prevent the “worn” look and to keep your full color printing looking fresh and clean, opt for aqueous coating. Aqueous coating is an eco-friendly, ultra thin film that should be applied to all commercial printing pieces. Great suppliers charge little or nothing for this quality preserving benefit sure your supplier offers this coating.


These full color printing tips are simple to apply and will insure that you get the best possible results for a printing company that knows how to help you.


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