Full Color Printing - What You Need To Know About Color And Print Quality

Combining photos, multiple colored graphics and text can create eye-catching marketing materials that get results.  The outcome could also be devastating. Getting the best printing results requires just a bit of insight into full color printing (commercial printing) and My1Stop.com, a great printing partner.


Color and print quality have an vast impact on printing projects. Here are some insights to upgrade your understanding of how full color printing maximizes color and print quality for commercial printing projects like brochures, flyers, postcard, plastic cards and presentation folders.


What Is Full Color Printing?
Look at a color photograph. Look closer and you will see that almost every color of the spectrum is there, in many various hues and shades. Printing the photo, and reproducing all of the colors and variations in clear detail, requires full color printing capabilities.  Printing companies refer to full color printing as commercial printing. To keep things simple, just know that full color printing is what you need to assure the best results for projects that use photos or more than 3 colors in the text, graphics or logos. Know, too, that not all full color printing grants the same quality and color reproduction.

Getting Colors Just Right
Accurately printing your photos, graphics, logo and general design color scheme depends on your design and your full color printing partner. Your design files have a “color space”. The color space needed for commercial printing is based on the CMYK color space. CMYK uses 4 ink colors to create all of the hues and color possibilities in the spectrum. CMYK stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black. In most desktop publishing programs, this is an easy “toggle” or “check box”. You’ll typically have choices of RGB, web safe, PMS and CMYK. Simply choose CMYK for the best full color printing color results.


You want your full color printing partner to print your CMYK design on the best printer possible. The best results for full color printing are done on digital printing equipment. Digital printing makes full color printing reasonably priced for even the smallest quantities. Color results depend on something called dots per inch – or DPI. Think of each dot as a drop of color. The more dots per inch, the more precise, crisper and clear the colors appear. Good full color printing is done with about 1200 DPI. Photo quality full color printing is about 2400 DPI. To get color just right, think CMYK and DPI. If you need help, get with your printing partner.


Quality Check List
Higher DPI assures great print quality, as well as paper and finishing. Don’t skimp on paper. Saving a few dollars by selecting a thinner paper sounds thrifty – but can provide poor results. Thin papers feel cheap and printing on one side will “show through” on the other side. “Show through” screams “cheap”. Good choices for two sided, full color printing are 100# text or 80# cover among others. To keep smudging form running your design, be sure to opt for aqueous coating. This eco-friendly coating is a free or free expensive option that keeps your design looking first rate – even during use.


You can assure perfect colors and outstanding quality in all of your full color printing projects using the basic information provided. And remember, the difference between a good commercial printing company and a great one – is their willingness to help you get great results.


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