Flyers Are An Excellent Advertising Value

Flyers are the grassroots marketing tool. No other marketing tool is as affordable, as timely, as targeted and as effective as a well planned flyer printing campaign. In these times, you need to have flyer printing in your bag of marketing tools. Here are some flyer marketing tips from and other informed flyer printing suppliers.


Grassroots Distribution & Targeting
That means that flyers get handed out by you, your team, your supporters or partners. If you’re looking for direct mail, do postcards. If you want sales-call materials, do brochures. If you want to get a timely message out, affordably, think flyers. Flyers are handed out at trade shows and local school, church and community events. Flyers almost always have a time sensitive message or offer. And flyers are handed out, put on doorsteps or picked up – one at a time – to a targeted audience.  Grassroots distribution is part of what keeps flyer printing affordable and effective!


Timely Message
Effective flyer printing uses time or urgency to full advantage. The best flyers have headlines like these:


“Act Now” - “Happening Now” - “Limited Time Offer” - “Sign Up Now” - “Mark Your Calendar”
“This Weekend” are examples of excellent headlines for flyer printing.


Coupled with a timely headline should be the location and the organization putting out the flyers. The total result is “stacked” something like this;


Annual Charity Auction
for King’s West School

This style of headline is what drives flyer printing results.


Tons of Uses
Here’s a partial list of the ton of ways flyers can be used – samples from your supplier can provide many more ideas:

Ice Cream Socials
Band and Choir Concerts
Theater Performances
PTO Meetings

Open Houses
Sport Team Sign Ups
Sports Team Tournaments

Service Group Events
Pancake Breakfasts
Free Seminars
Political Rallies


Ultimate Affordability & Value
At just a few cent apiece, the cost of flyer printing is minimal.  Distribution costs are almost always zero as you can rely on volunteers, inexpensive labor to hand out, display and leave your flyers right exactly where you want them.  Most marketers would agree that targeted distribution and timely messaging would always yield great results at great value. is the flyer printing superstore. Every day, we surpass our customers’ needs for affordable, high quality flyers that get results. Please visit us online or call, today. We’re America’s commercial printing superstore and we look forward to seeing you in one of our aisles, today!


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