How To Design READ ME Flyers - For Beginners

New to flyer design? Good flyer design is uncomplicated. In fact, with a few tips, most beginners can create effective flyer designs that have a real effect on their business. Here are some tips, courtesy of,  to help you develop flyers that say, “READ ME”.


Keep your design simple. You can do this by building your design out of “boxes” Great flyer printing relies on just three kinds of boxes; “claim”, “support” and “action”.


Claim boxes are the best to start with.  Focus your overall flyer on no more than three main  messages – or claims. Fewer is better. Use a simple title for each claim box. Use claim boxes as headlines that tell just enough to get the customer to read more and to act. Make your claim boxes black – or a darker color from your logo – and make the text in the box white. Use a simple font.


For each claim box, you need a “support” box. Use the support box to include honest, clearly stated advantages and characteristics about the claim. Do not embellish or overstate your abilities. Use black for the font color with a reasonably different font than you did for the claim box.  You should use images to support the claim – or key features and benefits. The right images on your flyers will better articulate your messages faster and more concisely than words ever will. Make certain you work with your supplier to get the right kind of images for high quality flyer printing.


The “action” box is vital. Once prospects have read your flyers, you want them to act! Your “action” box should be in the same colors and font as your “claim” boxes (dark background color with white text). At the top of you action box use a straightforward, attention getting phrase such as “GET STARTED” or CALL TODAY or ‘LIMITED TIME OFFER”. Again, be sincere and lucid in your text. Under the call to action phrase include your business name (or logo), your mailing address, toll free and local phone numbers, your web address and a customer service or sales email. That’s it!


Keep your style light. To keep your flyer printing style light, stay away from using huge text and graphics.   Limit your color choices to black and one accent color. The accent color is the one you use in your claim and action boxes. Use simple, clean fonts – and no more than two in throughout the flyer. Keep images small and placed close to – or inside of – your proof boxes. is the flyer printing superstore. Every day, we exceed our customers’ needs for flyer printing solutions that get noticed. Please visit us online or call, today. We’re America’s commercial printing superstore and we look forward to seeing you in one of our aisles, today!


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