Print Your Own Wristbands - On Your Inkjet or Laser Printer

Not printing your own wristbands? Maybe you should be! Healthcare providers have been printing their own medical wristbands for years because printing their own provides them with practical and effective benefits. offers the premier LaserBand® lime of printable wristbands because LaserBand® provides the best benefits for the buck.


How Printable Wristbands Work
Using printable wristbands is very simple. The special printable wristband sheets are placed in the paper tray of your inkjet or laser printer, just like you would any other sheet of paper or label material. When printing, each specially formatted sheet will stay flat as it runs through your printer. This stay-flat technology is what makes LaserBand® a premier product; assuring a jam free print experience – every time. The 5 different wristband and label combinations can be printed in color or black and white on almost any inkjet or laser printer.


The Benefits Of Printable Wristbands
Not all printable wristbands offer the same benefits. We’ll base our overview of benefits on LaserBand® wristbands since they are the most benefit-rich offering available.


  • Print On Demand
    Printable wristbands enable you to print a wristband anytime – on demand. This eliminates the need for costly pre-printed supplies and gives you the added flexibility of printing different information (locations, graphics, instructions, anything) on each wristband.

  • Self Laminating Wristbands
    Self laminating wristbands provide a clear coating that covers and protects the information you print. For any wristband application that includes exposure to moisture and abrasion, self laminating is a big benefit. All LaserBand® wristband products include the self laminating feature. If prolonged readability and wear are important to you, be sure you select self-laminating wristbands.

  • Multiple Wristband Formats
    Having 5 different printable wristband formats to choose from gives you the benefit of flexibility. You can choose from wristband sheets with a single wristband and 4 to 28 add-on labels. Add on labels are a must for medical wristbands.

  • Stock Wristbands
    The big benefits of stock printable wristbands are cost and time. Stock wristbands cost less than custom printed ones so you can order just a carton and still get a great price. If your supplier offers stock LaserBand® wristbands, you’ll get the self laminating benefits on every wristband. Of course, stock wristbands ship in 24 hours from the best suppliers. That eliminates the 2 to 3 week wait time for custom and non LaserBand® wristbands.

  • Compatible
    All LaserBand® wristbands are guaranteed compatible with Standard Registers’ SMARTworks® and Patient LinkUp® software. Re-stocking with LaserBand® lowers your costs and delivery times. Those are some nice benefits to have these days.
Printable wristbands are affordable, compatible, durable and flexible. They ship within 24 hours, too. Let me know if you’d like to receive a set of free LaserBand® wristband samples. We’ll send you a set within 24 hours!


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