Medical Wristbands Are Easy to Use, Economical, and in Stock

Medical wristbands should be easy to use, affordable and ready for immediate shipment. Quality suppliers lave thoughtfully applied well versed customer service teams and instant online ordering systems to make ordering medical wristbands easy and efficient.


Easy To Use
LaserBand™ is the wrist band product that health care providers rely on for easy printing and guaranteed compatibility. The patented “stay flat” – “self laminating” properties of LaserBand™ virtually eliminate printer jams, making the product the easiest to load and print in the industry.  Confidently replacing old supplies of medical wristbands with LaserBand™ is easy, too. That’s because LaserBand™ aligns perfectly with most major patient ID systems. If you’re looking for an easier way to print you own hospital wristbands, be sure to get some free samples from


Finding the best overall value for medical wristbands is no easy trick. Be sure to look beyond the price. Printable medical wristbands that don’t jam and self-laminate save you time and reduce wrist band problems caused by moisture and abrasion. To get the best value for your medical wristbands, look for suppliers who present their pricing plainly and clearly. Take notice of the number of wrist bands per case, too. Case quantities vary between suppliers. Whenever possible, look for suppliers who offer LaserBand™ wrist bands, they really are the best value in medical wristbands.


Immediate Shipping
Just a quick note for you about shipping. You can tell the suppliers by the shipping options, which suppliers really know medical wristbands – and which ones don’t. For peace mind, be sure to work with a supplier who offers immediate shipping of your wrist bands.


Medical Wristbands – Supplier Check List
Use this checklist to find the best suppliers of medical wristbands and hospital wristbands.

  • Does the supplier offer at least 5 different formats of medical wristbands?
  • Does the supplier guarantee their wrist bands to be compatible with your ID system?
  • Does the supplier offer free samples?
  • Will the supplier ship your wrist bands within 24 hours - without rush fees?
  • Does the supplier offer “stay flat” and “self-laminating” wrist bands such as LaserBand™?

If you need additional information about medical wristbands, the customer service team at is ready to help. We’re the printable wristband experts and we’ll help you find the right solution for your specific needs.


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