Uses of Printable Wristbands

Printable wristbands are used by many industries to provide on-demand ID and tracking solutions. Leading suppliers like offer wristbands in a variety of formats, many specially suited to specific industry uses. The most popular uses of wristbands are in health care, veterinary and childcare settings.


Health Care Uses
Medical clinics and hospitals throughout the world rely on printable wristbands for immediate and accurate ID of patients. Medical wristbands can be printed on demand and provide instant patient ID solutions that most facilities demand. Hospital wristbands in particular, are printed as the patient checks in or out providing the highest degree of accurate patient tracking. If you work in patient records or administration in one of these categories, you need to check into wristband solutions:

  • Printable hospital wristbands are assigned to patients and visitors at check in
  • Other health care uses include printable medical wristbands used by
    • Out-patient clinics
    • Out-patient surgical centers
    • In-office surgery practices
    • Urgent Care Facilities

Animal Uses
The exponential growth in pet and large animal services ushered in the need to use printable wristbands for our non-human friends. Providing wristband tracking for animals has triggered a large increase in the variety of sizes and materials available for all printable wristband uses. Printable wristbands are used by many animal related industries and services, including:

  • Veterinarians
  • Ethical research facilities
  • Zoos
  • Legitimate importers
  • Pet Grooming and Boarding

Child ID Uses
Printable wristbands provide indispensible security and safety in many types of childcare and protection settings. Here are some typical uses of printable wristband applications involving children:

  • Hospitals, particularly in birthing centers, often require the mother, father and newborn to wear printable wristbands.
  • Temporary childcare, used by cruise lines, vacation resorts or churches, sometimes requires children to wear an identification wristband while in their care.
  • Entertainment and amusement facilities often used colored wristbands to designate “paid” attendees and to indicate expiration times or dates.

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