Use Plastic Key Tags To Grow Customers and Members

How many plastic key tags do you have on your key ring? If you’re like most, the answer is somewhere between two and eight plastic key tags per ring. But here’s the bigger question for you, is your business on the key rings of your customers or members? If not, you’re missing out on key tag printing as an affordable opportunity to grow your business! Key tag printing is easy. Getting your plastic key tags to stand out is more challenging. To get the most form your plastic key tags, work with a proven key tag printing partner like They offer online and offline help with every step of plastic key tags design and plastic key tag printing.

Here’s what you need to know to get your plastic key tags on every key ring that you see!


Get Your Plastic Key Tags Design Right - First!
Getting plastic key tags design right is critical. You need to avoid a few plastic key tags design mistakes. Here’s a common design mistake that may surprise you; trendy design schemes and themes rarely result in plastic key tags that get results! Your customers and members don’t look at plastic key tags as works of art – so neither should you! What’s important to your customers is that they can readily identify your business when the scan through their plastic key tags. They will associate your plastic key tags with your business if you keep the design focused on your brand. What’s your brand? When it comes to plastic key tags your brand is your logo and company colors. That’s it. Avoid the neon and banana colors (unless they are already part of your brand) and stick with what got you where you are – design your plastic key tags like you would a business card – not a brochure!

Stick With Key Tag Printing Experts For Fast Affordable Results
Plastic key tag printing seems to be done by every printer on the web. How do you find the right key tag printing partner? Do the basics first, then ask the harder questions to sort out the key tag printing novice from the experts. The key tag printing basics are easy for a printer to provide. Ask them for some examples of their key tag printing – tell them you want samples of an industry or club like yours. Sort the printers who send key tag printing samples that meet the simple branding designs we talked about on the “keeper” list. Forget the rest. Now ask the harder key tag printing questions; get pricing and turnaround times that meet your key tag printing needs. Do the math. Go with the key tag printing supplier whose prices are affordable – maybe not the cheapest – and who has fast, reliable turnaround on printing time and on customer service follow up. Now you’ve got a friend in the key tag printing business!

What about Custom Shapes and Sizes Of Plastic Key Tags?
Only the best key tag printing suppliers offer unique or custom shapes and sizes of plastic key tags. Are custom plastic key tags right for you? If you have a big budget for key tag printing that is based on previous customer retention and growth based on using plastic key tags, then go for it. Just keep the plastic key tags shape relevant to your brand – with NO sharp edges. If you’re new to key tag printing, the standard sizes and shapes are what you need. is the plastic key tag printing expert. Trust us to provide you with the best online or offline service, pricing and turnaround on every printing project you have – including your plastic key tags! Contact us, today.


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