There's Still Time To Have Unique Plastic Card Holders For This Holiday Season

Nothing beats plastic card holders for improving the redemption or use rates of your holiday gift and discount cards. And great suppliers, like can have unique custom gift card holders in your hands well before the holiday season starts up – if you act now! Here’s what you have to do . . .


Simplify The Design Process Today
You’ll have custom printed gift card holders in-hand within two weeks if you cut down on the design process time drain. Make the design process easy – simply reuse the unique design you used for your gift cards as the artwork for your gift card holders. Use the front and back artwork. Most great suppliers can easily adapt your unique card artwork to gift card holders’ artwork. Avoid the design-time-drain – use what you have to eliminate the design process altogether.


Get Pricing Firmed Up By Tomorrow
While you’re working with your supplier on the design, get plastic card carrier pricing started, too. You can get a good sense of the costs for printing your custom plastic card holders from a great supplier’s web site. The best sites offer instant online pricing and ordering.  The best suppliers back up their online services with excellent “live” customer service. Get a knowledgeable plastic card holder rep on the phone to confirm your online pricing – and - ask for the reps help in making sure your design specifications are accurate. A great rep will volunteer to walk your plastic card holders order through the printing process.


Your Order Should Ship In 7 Days - OR LESS
If you got your design and pricing together within the first two or three days, your custom printed plastic card holders should be on their way to you in no more than 10 days. Also, be sure your supplier has all of the fastest delivery options available for your plastic card carrier order.


Use these tips for plastic card holders and you can have your gift card holder’s in-hand inside of  7 business days. Get going, today!


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