Still Time To Order Custom Discount Cards - Get Started Now!

Do everything you can to boost sales during the holiday buying season, and count on custom discount cards to do their part. With the start of holiday buying season a month away, a good supplier like and our simple check list your custom discount cards will en-route in just 7  days.


Day One
Decide On Your Discount Offer.
Your choices are to offer a fixed discount card amount, a “buy-one-get one” or a minimum purchase amount. Fixed discounts can either be dollars or percentages off. Most retailers opt for 10 to 20% discount cards or an equivalent dollar discount based on their average sale value. “Buy-one-get-one” discount card offers are very effective during the holiday season. The trend among retailers is more like buy two or three to get one free – but these discount cards remain a perennial favorite with consumers. Minimum purchase discount cards provide a dollar or percentage off – but require a minimum purchase usually 3 to 7 times the average sale value for a retailer. Figure out the offer for your custom discount cards and move onto day two.


Day Two
Get a design.
Discount card printing is fast once you have your design. A great discount card supplier will have designers who can help. In fact, they should have discount card printing templates – and complete designs – on hand. When you find the supplier who has the design on-hand, focus on these three simple design elements when selecting your discount card design selection; logo, offer, expiration date. Any discount card design that focuses on these three elements will do you a great service.


Day Three
Get your price. Enter your order.
The best discount card printing is done by suppliers who offer instant online pricing backed up with live, experienced customer service. Find a discount card printing supplier who works that way – send them your order. Most will allow artwork upload and online payment, which means your discount cards will go into printing almost immediately.


Days Four Through Seven
Relax. Your custom discount cards should be produced in the next three to five days.  Worried? Opt for faster discount card printing service and ship part of your order – overnight or second day.

Remember, having a great supplier and following the steps above are the best way to make sure that your custom discount cards arrive in time to help you have a great holiday selling season.


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