Get Started On Your Custom Calendars For 2010, Today!

Custom calendars are the perfect give-away and an excellent product for re-sale. In fact, custom calendars have a longer lifespan than almost any other promotional item or printed product!  It’s tough for people to throw away good custom calendars – even after they’ve expired. To give your custom calendars long life at a low cost, get with a calendar printing expert like and read the calendar secrets we share below.


For Pennies A Day Your Business Gets 24/7/365 Exposure from Custom Calendars!
Talk about benefits, wow. Imagine your message or advertising on a custom calendar that is seen dozens of times every day by your customers. That’s incredible exposure. What makes custom calendars even more beneficial is that digital calendar printing drive costs down and drives photo and image quality way up! Digital calendar printing lets you add quality printed photos to your custom calendars for virtually no additional cost. And here’s a calendar printing secret; quality printed, customer relevant images are what will keep your custom calendars out of the trash at year’s end. In fact, if you target your customers with the right custom calendar and images, they’ll notice your calendar printing more often and they’ll have a harder time throwing your custom calendars away. Use digital calendar printing with variable images to match specific photos to specific customer groups. That’s right. You can change custom calendar images throughout your digital calendar printing run. That’s a secret that your customers will love to see.


Are Custom Calendars Part Of Your Business or Fundraiser?
They should be! Millions of custom calendars are sold by thousands of merchants targeting every customer niche and taste. New photo quality digital calendar printing makes it possible to run very small quantities of custom calendars for multiple niches providing real market breadth without traditional inventory exposures. Great calendar printing suppliers, like will work with you to evolve your calendar printing business into new markets with new profit potential!

If you’re looking for a fundraiser, custom calendars put your booster club or church right out front. Special dates are easily advertised and digital calendar printing makes it possible for you to personalize any page giving your fundraiser a very specific meaning for every buyer. That adds value that can really grow your fundraising – funds!


Calendar Printing Is All About Images
For promotional calendar printing and custom calendars for re-sale and fundraisers, images are everything. Make sure that your calendar printing is done in full digital photo quality color to get the best images results. Make sure, too, that you pick images that your customers will find exciting – for a long time. Remember, each time they look at your custom calendars they will think of you and the message they see. Get the image right and your calendar printing project will pay big rewards! is the calendar printing supplier with the experience to get your customer calendars just right. With low minimum quantities, photo quality printing, fast turnaround times and helpful customer service, you’ll see why is America’s commercial printing superstore.


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