Choosing The Right Promotion For Your Plastic Cards

Plastic cards boost sales. You’ll get an even bigger holiday sales boost when you put the right promo on your printed plastic cards.  Adding a special promo to your printed plastic cards gives customers extra incentive to get into your store and won’t change the cost of your plastic card printing one bit. See for yourself at the online leader in plastic card printing. Here are the main types of promos to consider.


Percentage Off
Percentages off promotions are attractive to most consumers. Typically, a consumer believes a percentage off plastic card saves them on an item – or items – they had planned to purchase at full price. Percentage off promotions can also spur unplanned purchases, too. The trick is to have your plastic cards printed with a percentage off that works. The most effective percentage discounts for plastic card promos trend between 30% and 40% - too small of a discount or even too large of a discount tend to be less effective.


Buy One – Get One
Lately, plastic card printing with this promotion have morphed from Buy One Get One to buy two or three and get one. But the concept is the same and it plays on the consumer’s desire to get something for nothing. Printed plastic cards with these types of discounts rarely go unused.


Free With
Free With offers usually provide a limited value freebie with each qualifying purchase. If you use this type of offer, it’s a good idea to have the plastic card printing done with a picture or message about the Free With item.


We’d suggest that you add urgency to every promo plastic card you have. Customers move faster to make purchases when they know that the offer is limited to a certain time frame. You can have printed plastic cards with a specific date – or a date range from when the card is issued. For simplicity and greatest effect, we suggest having your printed plastic cards printed with the “ends by” approach.


Each of the promos above can work well to boost sales. Try to fit the promo to your merchandising plan, your customer and products and let your promo plastic cards do their magic to boost your sales this holiday season.


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