A Stock Plastic Card Sleeve or Custom Plastic Card Sleeve the Best Bet for Your Plastic Card

When it comes to plastic card accessories, there’s no better investment than a plastic card sleeve.  Cladding your gift cards with a gift card sleeve offers branding, protection and convenience options that can build your business and save you money. Great suppliers like My1Stop.com provide a plastic card sleeve that can be pre-printed or custom printed from your artwork. Here are some tips to help you choose between a stock preprinted or custom plastic card sleeves.


Branding With A Plastic Card Sleeve
If getting your brand name out there is important to you, then a custom plastic card sleeve is a good choice. A custom printed gift card sleeve, as an example, can match your gift card design exactly or simply show-off your logo or branding message. A well designed plastic card sleeve can actually outlive the plastic card that it originally held! It’s strange but true, still consumers tend to reuse a gift card sleeve – particularly if the design is meaningful to them in some way. A custom gift card sleeve – even one printed in full color – need not be a budget breaker.  You’ll save time and money by purchasing your plastic card sleeve and cards from a single, great supplier.


Extend Card Life With A Plastic Card Sleeve
A plastic card sleeve will extend the life of your cards. Card life can be very important when the plastic card will be used frequently and is expected to be “in service” for an extended period of time. Hotel key cards and membership cards are excellent examples of plastic cards that should be protected by a plastic card sleeve.  Stock pre-printed or custom? That’s a question of branding needs and budget. A stock plastic card sleeve offers no branding potential but it is the most economical choice for simple card protection. A preprinted standard design plastic card sleeve is probably not the best choice if you only want card protection. If you want to build brand while protecting your cards, then a custom printed plastic card sleeve is your best bet. You might even be able to offset the cost of the plastic card printing by offering advertising or promotional space on your holders. Hotels and pizza joints wrote the book on this brilliant use of plastic card sleeve marketing.


Budgeting For the Right Plastic Card Sleeve

You can print a custom plastic card sleeve, like a gift card sleeve, affordably. If your budget won’t allow for custom printing, then a stock design, like a pre-printed gift card sleeve theme can be an affordable alternative to a custom plastic card sleeve – and add a bit more quality and appeal to your cards than a stock plastic card sleeve. If your budget is really tight – but you know that you want to save money by protecting your cards, then go with a blank plastic card sleeve. Your cards will last longer and the expense for the stock plastic card sleeve will be minimal.


These tips will help you make the best plastic card decision for your business. Be sure to work with a supplier who has online and offline help to be sure you have the best solution, price and quality for your plastic card sleeve needs.


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