Stock Gift Card Holders - Grab Attention and Protect Your Cards for Pennies Each

Stock gift card holders will set your cards apart – without busting your budget. Stock gift card holders also give your cards some protection and give the sender space to write a personal note. If you’ve looked into custom printed holders and been concerned about the costs, a stock plastic card carrier can be the perfect solution to test customer response to card carriers. We suggest that you start with a supplier like who understands custom and stock gift card holders.  Here’s what you can expect from a great supplier of stock gift card holders.


Lots Of Choices
The best generic gift card holder suppliers will have much more than just blank white holders! Look for a supplier who has several different generic gift card holder designs and color schemes to choose from. Most suppliers should have stock gift card holders in colors that match your plastic gift cards. Be sure that the supplier you select has the right size choices to fit your cards. The most popular size choices are 4” x 6” for the standard size and the 2.8” x 8.75” for the fold open stock plastic card carrier style.


Low Minimum– Low Cost
Stock gift card holders are available with 250 as the minimum order. That’s a great quantity for testing customer use of carriers and it’s a great quantity for smaller merchants. Small minimum orders reduce your overall spending, and the price per stock plastic card carrier is normally around 37 cents or so. In the 5,000to 10,000 quantity range, stock gift card holders should cost from 16 to less than 10 cents each. That’s a lot less than you’ll pay for custom printed holders.


Fast Turnaround
You should be able to get your generic gift card holder pricing instantly – either online or toll free. All you really need to know is the size, color and design style you want to get a price and to place your order. Once your order is placed, expect your generic gift card holder order to ship within 7 days. You can put these tips to good use and save time and money on your first – or your next – generic gift card holder order.


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