Custom Gift Cards Change The Way Customers Do Business With You


If you’re like many retailers who don’t offer custom gift cards, you fear a slow Christmas season. Low margins from January and left-over inventory sales can compound your gloom. Plastic gift cards can change the way customers do business with you and give your Christmas, and post Christmas sales, a big boost. Here’s what you need to know.

Gift Card Customers Typically Spend More.
Retailers experienced with custom gift cards know that customers who buy with plastic gift cards typically spend more than the value of the card. That’s great news for you. In fact, a study conducted by the Purdue Retail institute found than shoppers typically spend 20% more than the face value of their custom gift cards. That could mean an instant 20% jump in sales on every purchase made with your custom gift cards. Go for the 20%!


Gift Card Customers Buy After Christmas – In December
In fact, about 40% of all purchases made with plastic gift cards happen during the week right after Christmas. That means that your December sales could be in for a nice boost! You can keep all of your merchandise out at full price, and see a lot of post-Christmas sales, simply by getting involved with gift card printing and distribution. Remember, too, that 40% of the custom gift cards used in late December are for purchases approximately 20% greater than the face value of your custom gift cards. That’s how savvy retailers get great Decembers almost every year.


Gift Card Customers Keep Coming Back - In January and February

There’s no doubt. All studies indicated that 60% of customers using plastic gift cards redeem all or a portion of their card value in January and February. That’s right! Those typically slow and cold months get perked up nicely by shoppers carrying your custom gift cards. Many retailers are now targeting their winter customers with custom gift cards by introducing new winter (not spring) products that weren’t available before Christmas. This is a great way for customers to get new, instantly usable products and for the merchant to sell full price items in the dregs of winter. That’s a win-win.


Growing With The Changes
Custom gift cards can keep your business growing – in busy and slow times. By understanding how custom gift cards impact the way your customers shop, you can improve your Christmas and early winter sales, significantly. When you’re ready to learn more about gift card printing, be sure to work with a quality gift card printing company like They’ll get you everything you need to increase your business with custom gift cards.


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