All Types of Business and Marketing Styles to Fit Any Need

Custom magnets make a lasting impression for almost any need. Available in custom and standard sizes and shapes, custom fridge magnets can easily fit any message, business and marketing style. When you need value and versatility – find a custom magnet solution to meet your needs. The best place to start your custom magnet project is with a quality custom fridge magnet supplier like A great supplier will provide you with an easy order process. Here’s what to look for . . .

Look For Standard and Custom Shapes and Sizes.
Standard styles and sizes range from business cards – to ovals – to photo frames. The business card style is the most popular and easy to create using the business card artwork you already have. For added impact, you can have a custom magnet in any size or shape you can dream up. Here’s a list of popular standard and custom magnet sizes and shapes:

  • Business card magnets in 3.5” x 2” size
  • Calendar magnets are 2” x 4” or 4” x 7”
  • Popular business shapes include bone, van, phone, house, oval and circle
  • Outdoor magnets for vehicles and equipment

Remember. If you want a unique size or shape, you can order custom magnets to fit any marketing design and business need.


Custom Photo Magnets or Spot Color Choices
Sometimes you need a picture to tell your story and that’s the right time to go with custom photo magnets. Digital printing has really helped to make custom photo magnets affordable, in fact, they are almost as affordable as traditional spot color custom fridge magnets. Choose custom photo magnets when you need to make an impact – or when your business cards include a photo. When you need a more simple approach, with only one or two colors, then go with spot color custom magnets. You can just use your business card artwork in most cases.


Custom Magnet Thickness Options

Ever notice how some custom fridge magnets hold paper under them – and others don’t? That’s not really a quality issue – it’s a thickness issue. Generally, the thicker the custom fridge magnets, the more papers they will hold. Of course, the thicker the magnet, the higher the cost. Think about how long you want your custom magnets to “stick around”. People will keep thicker magnets longer because they hold paper. Here’s a list of common custom magnet thicknesses:
  • 19 mil capable of holding several sheets of paper.
  • 34 mil capable of holding many sheets of paper and is suitable for outdoor usage

If your custom magnets include coupons or event information, you might want to opt for thinner, less expensive material. If you’re advertising your business contact information, the thicker material is your best value – over time.


Find The Free Samples!
Get some free samples from the suppliers you’re looking at. Make sure the suppliers you select send you custom magnets in the printing colors, thicknesses, sizes and shapes that you’re interested in. Free samples are a great way to learn about a supplier’s quality and are helpful when experimenting with different designs to make sure you’ve found the best custom magnets for your business and marketing style needs! is the online custom magnet printing superstore. Our customers count on us for unsurpassed custom magnet printing, reliable turnaround times and world class customer service every day. Please visit us online or call, today. We are America’s commercial printing superstore and we look forward to helping you with your next project.


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