Keeping Your Membership Card Printing Costs Under Control in 2009!

You can easily manage your plastic membership cards budget when you take advantage of a few simple insights. These membership card printing insights include a review of innovative and cost cutting membership cards products, and tried and true techniques for reducing membership card printing costs. You need to know how to order the right options and how a new desktop membership card printing solution could mean big savings!  All of the insights we offer about plastic membership cards are explained in great detail at  Our customer service team is top notch and they really know ways to help you save on plastic membership cards. Here’s how to keep your membership card printing costs under control right now . . . 

Choose The Right Membership Card Printing Options
This is an easy step with the right membership cards supplier. Start by making sure that you don’t pay for membership card printing options that you don’t need. As an example, many membership card printing companies price your cards with a mag strip – even if you don’t need it. Plastic membership cards without mag stripes cost a bit less – so order membership cards with the mag stripe only if you need the stripe! If you do need a mag stripe, and you do your own encoding, make sure you are not being charged for this service.

Here are some other membership card printing options to add only as needed:

  • The backside of membership cards can be blank, printed in black or printed in full color.
    Blank is the least expensive option.
  • Personalizing each of your membership cards is called variable printing or variable imaging.
    The best suppliers will assist you with your variable information format.
  • Adding a signature panel to the back of plastic membership cards enables simple ID checks.
    Again, a good supplier will help you to decide if this option is best for you.
  • By planning your order in advance you can lower your overall membership card printing costs.
    The best suppliers can assist you with the planning process.

Use the insights offered above and your plastic membership cards will be priced just right.

Print Your Own Plastic Membership Cards!

That’s right – and these printable plastic cards are a real money saver. The way this works is pretty simple. You receive your printable plastic cards either blank or imprinted. The printable plastic cards are pre-attached to a sheet of paper that works like any other sheet of paper with your desktop printer. The difference is you personalize - or custom print – all of your membership cards on your own laser printer!

Best of all, you can select this special paper with a membership card and plenty of room for a letter. Talk about savings!


To figure out if printable plastic cards are right for you, just do this:

  • Figure out your membership letter and membership card printing costs (the way you do it now).
  • Add in your costs for sorting and matching the membership cards and letters.
  • Now, get you quote for printable plastic cards.
  • Go with the solution that saves you the most time - and money!

Printable plastic cards are often the most cost-effective way to get your plastic membership cards into the mail. You’ll find printable plastic cards available from the best membership card printing suppliers!


Use these insights and you will be able to get the most out of your plastic membership cards budget this year and beyond! is the plastic membership cards superstore. We will work with you online or off line on custom printed plastic membership cards and printable plastic membership cards. Please visit us online or call us, today. We are America’s commercial printing superstore and we are excited to talk to you about your next opportunity.


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