What You Should Know About Offline Poster Marketing


Posters are one of the most effective offline marketing tools. Offline marketing is real and so are the results. To get the best results from poster printing, you need to put together a good design.

Poster printing design has a lot of the same opportunities and pitfalls as web banners. Like web banners poster printing offers a lot of real estate, lots of eyes on your message and a “blink” to capture viewer attention and drive a response. So if you’ve designed web banners – that worked – keep that experience in mind for the rest of us.  Here are poster printing design tips that work.

Who Is Your Audience? Get A “Cue”.

Knowing exactly who your audience is and where will they see your poster are cues to poster printing size, material, design and message that will get you results. As an example, let’s say your audience is eco-concerned inner city dwellers. You make a good guess that they will be most likely to see your posters near parks, at outdoor green markets and indoor organic food stores and maybe at bookstores. These are the poster printing cues you need to choose the best poster printing construction and design.


You Know Your Audience – What Next?

OK, so you know that your audience is green-centric and you can reach them indoors and outdoors in pretty large spaces. Poster printing works best indoors and in protected from outdoor environments like covered bus stops. Since you have exposure to sunlight, you’ll want UV ink as a poster printing option – which will pop better on gloss stock. You’re dealing with some pretty open spaces, so 18” x 24” is a good size to work with – and 100# gloss cover will give you durability. If you can find an eco-friendly poster printing material, for this audience, use it. Other standard sizes and materials include 11” x 17” and 24” x 36” in 80 and 100# gloss cover weights. Save money – use standard sizes and materials. Work with a supplier who knows their stuff like My1Stop.com. OK, now let’s talk design tips.


It’s Not Your Design - Really
Just like web banners, poster printing design is about connecting – quickly – with your audience. So when you design, design for your audience and for the “blink” in which you must get their attention. Poster printing design is not all about you; it’s about your audience. Let’s take the green-audience example a little further.


It’s About The Message
Our audience is green, so if you found eco-friendly poster printing paper, make sure you use an eco-logo or icon and make a statement about the paper being green. The ink too. Think small for these messages. One line, two sentences, one logo. This is the right approach to your main message, too. Keep your message simple, use big fonts that grab attention and are very easy to read. Keep your background subtle and use hues friendly to your audience. Rather obvious with green-centric audience that green, brown and blue earth tones will work well. Use a image of earth or trees in the background – but keep the image well screened ort toned down. Unless your image is your message, let the fonts do the work.


Finally, keep your contact information simple, too. Just use a phone, email or web address – but not all three! People have minds. If you’re message is compelling, they’ll remember your URL or take the time to text it to themselves.


Here’s a quick “check list” of the poster printing design tips we’ve covered in this article.

  • Who is your audience
  • When displayed, will your poster be protected
  • Will your poster be indoors –outdoors or both
  • How big should your poster be
  • Empty space is OK – make it work for you
  • How to use large fonts to grab attention
  • Keep your message simple – simple – simple
  • Display just one point of contact – and make it obvious

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