Ready For Better Direct Mail Response Rates?
Here's An Action Plan That Works.

You can drive business even in soft times with direct mail. The trick is having a simple but effective action plan to drive great direct mail response rates. Here's an action plan that works for any size of business and for any type of product or service offering. Before you get your direct mail action plan laid out, you need to have a great supplier who can back you up. A great supplier, like , can even help fine tune your direct mail action plan. So, be sure to share your plans with your supplier before you start your direct mail campaign. Here's a simple but effective three step action plan to drive up direct mail response rates . . .

Develop a Keenly Focused Mailing List

Mass mailing is old school. Don't go back there. Instead, try creating smaller more highly focused direct marketing lists. Segment your products or services into categories. Then develop separate lists for each category. Get Niche specific. If you're a heating and air conditioning company, segment your direct marketing lists based on household income ranges and match your products and services accordingly. If you're a start up church with a youthful minister, develop a list of under 35 year olds in your area for starters. Get a list from the local colleges, offer to co-op ads with the local music store (using their list), get inventive - but stay focused.

List Building Tools For Your Direct Mail Action Plan:

  • Build Your Own List Out Of Combinations.
    Buy names, barter for names, social-media for names, and network for names.
  • Segment Your Products and Services. Niche Specific.
    Focus. Segment product categories into specific products - match them to your lists.
  • Lots Of Smaller Lists Get Bigger Results - At Lower Costs.
    There are no longer many advantages to mass mailing big lists.

You'll see in a minute how digital printing turns small direct mail lists into huge opportunities - small lists and digital printing are a must for your direct mail action plan.

Provide an Enticing Incentive and Make It Highly Relevant

OK. So you have your well focused lists. Great start. Now you need incentives that are very relevant to each unique direct marketing group. Here are a few examples. Let's say you sell heating and air conditioning units and services. To your upper income household list, you would offer high end big BTU units - the enticement is discounted executive vent cleaning - which is highly relevant to what you do and the prospects need. For mid and lower income household lists you would offer smaller units with the enticement being ultra green and ultra low operating costs. You can see the value of the direct marketing segments now - just think if you had a "green" list for this offer! Using digital direct mail printing lets you personalize every piece in every list - you can personalize the names - the offer -the images - anything that creates more relevance for the recipient is the thing to do!

Incentive Building Tools for Your Direct Mail Action Plan:

  • Develop Different Incentives - Or Offers - For Each List Group
    This sets you up for big response rates.
  • Develop Incentives That Are Highly Relevant And Enticing.
    Think discounts on products and services relevant to the offer.
  • Personalize The Offer to Each Individual Recipient
    This will make the most of the list segments you made earlier.

Remember. There is no reason to do mass mailings and there is no reason to make the same offer to all of your lists. The printing won't cost much more to do two or three different mailings - that's an advantage digital printing suppliers offer. The results will be much better for each offering.

Test. Test. Test.

This is a simple thing to do. You have your direct mail segmented lists, right? OK, now segment them again - into fourths. You want three test sample groups and a large remaining main group. Test different direct mail designs and offers on each of the three smaller groups to see which design - which offer - grabs the highest response rate. Again, the relatively low costs of digital printing make it possible to send a direct mail test of 5,000 or maybe even fewer pieces.

Testing Tools for Your Direct Mail Action Plan:

  • Segment Each List Group Into Four Parts
    Three test groups - one large non-test group.
  • Develop A Different Offer For Each Test Group
    You can alter the design too - but make sure the offers are different.
  • Track The Response Rates
    Whichever offer gets the most responses is the one to go with to the entire group.

How big should the three test groups be? Let's say you have 50,000 names. Go with 5,000 each for the test groups! That will leave 35,000 for the best offer. So 40,000 (or 80%) of your list will have received the best offer- that should give you outstanding direct mail response rates! is the direct mail superstore. We work with our customers on direct mail marketing action plans every day. Please visit us online or call, today.


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