Laser Membership Cards - Get More From Your Budget By Doing It Yourself

You can print your own high quality laser membership cards and save - a ton. You can turn your desktop laser printer into a laser membership card printing factory using new innovative laser membership cards papers. With just your desktop laser printer you can personalize membership cards whenever you need them - one at a time or by the dozens - cutting printing and distribution costs in half. To get started, finish this article and then find an innovative supplier, like, to provide you with the special paper you need. Here's how you can save big with laser membership cards.

Printing Your Own Laser Membership Cards

Laser membership cards are durable, plastic cards on a cut sheet that can be printed - one at a time - on your laser printer. Each laser membership card is easily snapped out of the paper carrier providing you and your members with an attractive, affordable and durable membership card. Laser membership cards can have high end graphics pre-printed for you by your supplier or come to you completely blank. Pre-printing portions of the laser membership cards gives you finer graphic results than most laser printers can produce. Also, you'll save on toner costs, too, if all you need to do is just the personalization on your laser membership cards. Choose from one to eight laser membership cards per sheet. One and two card designs can also be printed and mailed with a membership letter. The eight-to-a-sheet design really turns your laser printer into a desktop membership card factory! Take a look at these great laser membership cards features.

  • Print One Or Many - Whenever And Wherever You Need Them
  • Personalize Each Card And The Letter At The Same Time
  • Make Design Changes On The Fly - With No Inventory Issues
  • Save On Printing, Matching and Mailing Costs
  • Make A Green Statement By Using Fewer Materials

Budget-Slashing With Laser Membership Cards

Laser membership cards will shred your membership card printing budget by eliminating costly and resource-intensive bulk printing, hand sorting and matching of cards for mailing. The most direct cost savings comes from being able to print only what you need – when you need it. You order just a few hundred sheets at one time rather than a few thousand cards. Each sheet can cost much less than a traditional card. Also, you can opt for a layout that includes a membership card or two – and the membership letter – all in one sheet that you print at the same time on your desktop. The result? You free up your time and money so you can focus on getting new members.

  • Order Only What You Need - Reducing Upfront and Per Card Costs
  • Print New Member Cards In Just Seconds - Whenever You Need Them
  • Print One To Eight Membership Cards Per Sheet
  • Eliminate Sorting and Matching Of Membership Cards and Letters
  • Personalize Each Card And Membership Letter Together
  • Make Design Changes On The Fly - With No Additional Costs
  • Go Green By Using Fewer Membership Materials

Think of the savings with laser membership cards! You save money by reducing upfront and overall cards costs. You save time by printing membership cards and letters together. You save a bit of our precious resources by using a bit less energy and materials from printing to delivery. Go with laser membership cards and put a bit more time and energy into building your membership list! is the laser membership card superstore. Our customers count on us for innovative, time and money saving solutions like laser membership cards - every day. Please visit us online or call, today. We are America’s commercial printing superstore and we’d like to meet with you in one of our aisles.


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