Feature Rich Plastic Postcards Are Driving Up Direct Mail Marketing Response Rates

If you’re looking to drive response rates up and overall mailing costs down, you have to check out plastic postcards. Plastic postcards give you options to add highly interactive, durable snap out plastic cards and key tags to your direct mail marketing pieces. You combine gift cards and membership cards and key tags with new plastic postcards to create a lower cost, greener – and very interactive mailing pieces. Innovative suppliers, like My1Stop.com make it easy to select the plastic postcard options that fit your needs. In fact, with a little design help and the tips below, you can experience the benefits of plastic postcards right now. Here’s what you need to know about plastic postcards for direct mail marketing . . .

Choose the Right Plastic Postcard Options for Your Offer
If you need to mail plastic cards to customers or members, choose plastic postcards with credit card sizes snap out cards. If you want to mail an interactive promotional item or get mini-cards in the hands of preferred customers, choose the snap out key cards option. Be sure to download artwork templates so your design will fit the plastic postcard layout you selected.  As an alternative, choose a supplier who offers graphic design services for your plastic postcards. You want to get the most out of the interactive nature of these cards by having a great design that calls recipient to “snap” out of the ordinary postcard mailing response rates!

  • Here are the plastic postcard options you can use to drive response rates:
  • Choose from snap out plastic cards or key tags
    Same size and durability as the old ones - but easier to mail.
  • Personalize each postcard and each snap out card or tag.
    Personalization equals results.
  • Add variable data and barcodes to add functionality to cards and tags.
    Just like your old cards and tags - bar codes and account numbers save time.
  • Design a unique custom size and shape of plastic postcard.
    Draw even more attention to your unique mailing piece.
  • The four standard size choices are easy on your budget.
    Use high end graphics to make standard layouts work for you.

Use the options above to get a finished plastic postcard mailing that is bound to get great results.


Plan To Save Some Green

The biggest benefits to plastic postcards are that they cut costs - and use fewer materials in each mailing. This translates to more green in your wallet and less impact on the world we live in.

  • Here are the plastic postcard features that make green sense:
  • Combining cards and the mailer in one piece uses less material
    Cuts overall mailing costs and reduces post consumer waste.
  • Plastic postcards are biodegradable.
    Easier on landfills for the very little bit that gets thrown away.
  • Combining cards and the mailer takes less time - save green
    Cuts down on time need to match cards and letters - uses less energy

To figure out if plastic postcards are right for you, just do this:

  • Do you mail plastic cards or tags of any kind?
  • Take a look at your response rates - could they be higher?
  • If so, add your costs for printing, sorting, matching and mailing the cards and letters.
  • Now, get you quote for plastic postcards.
  • Which approach saves you the most time - and money?
  • Did plastic postcards provide a better deal?

By understanding the available options and benefits, you can develop a direct mail marketing campaign that drives results - and lowers costs - by using plastic postcards!

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