Gift Cards and Gift Card Holders - Make A Winning Pair

Gift card holders give you an advantage over every other merchant in town with a gift card program. Gift card holders or plastic card carrier set your gift cards apart and make them more appealing to consumers to buy – and to use. Display gift card holders and gift cards as a matched set and you should improve your gift card sales, quickly and affordably.

Here’s what you need to know about gift card holders . . .


Why Gift Card Holders Help Sell More

Gift card holders are a plastic card carrier and much more.  Gift card holders provide a “package” making gift card giving more convenient. “Easy to give” is a huge gift-buying motivator for consumer’s, and gift card holders easily turn gift cards into pre-wrapped gifts. Gift card holders are also a plastic card carrier that sets your gift cards apart. Your gift cards are easier to see in a stack of gift cards when they are kept in a plastic card carrier. The plastic card carrier is also tough to discard because it’s the “wrapper” around the gift. Gift card holders offer the benefits of customer convenience and the staying power of the plastic card carrier. Not sure if gift card holders are a necessity for your business? Check out the best gift card program you’ve used; odds are that it included gift card holders.


Choosing Stock or Custom Printed Gift Card Holders

The best gift card holders are printed by suppliers like who offer both custom printed gift card holders and stock gift card holders. You will get more sales by choosing to have your gift card holders custom printed with your unique design and construction. The best suppliers create gift card holders with interactive designs and they can match custom gift card design to your plastic card carrier design. Matching the designs gives you a plastic card carrier that is consistent with your brand and that displays your locations making redemption more likely. Your custom plastic card carrier can be printed in full photo quality color on a variety of special plastic card carrier materials and styles. A stock plastic card carrier is a good low cost approach to pairing your gift cards with gift card holders. Suppliers offer blank, solid colors and pre-printed seasonal stock plastic card carrier designs. The best suppliers offer matching gift card and plastic card carrier sets.


Order Gift Card Holders and Gift Cards Together

You will save money and get better results if you order your gift cards and gift card holders at the same time. Combining a plastic card carrier and a gift card order together should get you a good lower price from your supplier. Shipping your plastic card carrier and your gift card orders together should also cut freight costs. Ordering gift card holders with your gift cards should have consistency benefits, too. When your supplier has both orders in their shop together they can make sure that the design on your plastic card carrier and your gift card is printed similarly. Keep the order process simple for yourself, too, by ordering your plastic card carrier and gift card order at the same time from the same supplier.


Use the plastic card carrier ideas above to boost gift card sales and increase redemption rates. Remember to think of gift card holders as a plastic card carrier that makes your gift card program easier to use and you’ll reap the benefits right away! is your stock and custom gift card holders and plastic card carrier specialist. Our gift card holders and plastic card carrier solutions are ordered quickly and affordably online or toll free. We are ready to help, today!