Do You Know The 4 C's That Drive Every Successful Plastic Card Mailers Campaign?


Plastic card mailers are the direct mail media of choice for discount cards and plastic postcards mailings. The benefits of plastic card mailers over traditional non plastic postcards are that plastic card mailers offer greater convenience, circulation and creative opportunities at lower overall costs. These are the 4 C’s that make plastic card mailers from a good plastic postcards supplier like the preferred choice among savvy marketers.  Here’s what you need to know about the 4 C’s!


1. Convenience Advantages Of Plastic Card Mailers.

Plastic card mailers are convenient for you and for your customers. Plastic card mailers combine many direct mail functions into single plastic postcards. This is convenient for you because you have far less to coordinate as you build your plastic card mailers campaign. As an example, your plastic postcards can include discount cards, coupons, calendars and anything else you want to punch out of the plastic card mailers. Rather than having letters, envelopes, inserts and discount cards printed and inserted, you design and print your offer and the discount cards on plastic postcards in one convenient step. Plastic postcards with discount cards are a marketing dream.


Plastic postcards recipients instantly and conveniently see everything they need to respond to your offer on your plastic card mailers, like discount cards. With no envelope to open, plastic postcards recipients can’t miss your message. After a simple punch out from their plastic postcards they have durable discount cards ready for use. Unlike paper discount cards, discount cards from plastic postcards look and feel real – and they last! That provides you and the recipient with continual convenient messaging about your offer!


2. Creative Advantages of Plastic Card Mailers.

Plastic card mailers offer unique creative options. You can add punch outs like discount cards, you can print variable text and data, and you can print one or both sides in photo quality color and you can print plastic postcards edge to edge. Plastic card mailers offer the added bonus of “feeling”. Plastic card mailers feel more substantial than non plastic postcards and paper discount cards. Get creative with plastic card mailers on your next direct mail discount cards campaign and experience plastic postcards success for yourself!


3. Cost Advantages of Plastic Card Mailers.

Consider all of the conversion elements combined into plastic card mailers and it’s easy to see why they are so cost effective. Every component of say a good discount cards campaign are printed and mailed as a single piece. That cuts down your overall discount cards campaign printing costs, inserting costs, assembly costs and probably your postage costs. What’s more, plastic card mailers are a “green” direct mail alternative. Not only are you saving money, but plastic card mailers do a bit to save a few trees and put less waste into landfills.


4. Circulation Advantages of Plastic Card Mailers.

Plastic card mailers circulate. Why? The inherent look and feel, plastic card mailers makes them tough for recipients to discard. Adding discount cards in your plastic postcards pumps up circulation even more. Remember, plastic postcards that include discount cards to punch out have a long life! Recipients will typically put the discount cards in their wallets letting the remaining plastic postcards hang around for weeks - creating longer-term exposure for your plastic postcards offer and the discount cards than almost any other kind of direct mail can.


If you use direct mail, put the 4 C’s of plastic card mailers to work in your next discount cards or any other type of mailing campaign! Plastic postcards should give you an edge now and over time as you compete to have your discount cards or other mailing stand out from the crowd and drive sales to your business. is your plastic card mailers specialist. We turn plastic postcards and discount cards into direct mail success stories, one customer at a time. We’re ready to help you start your plastic postcards project, with discount cards and more, today!