Mastering The 3 R's Of Environmentally Friendly Printing To Grow Your Business

The new color for business is green- and green is everywhere. Nearly every store, web site or group we visit is selling something green! Green can mean the difference between growing your business - and not.


Savvy business owners are growing their business by promoting their use of green printing services and you can, too. We offer easy to apply techniques for mastering the 3 R's of promoting eco-friendly printing: responsible, registered and rewarded.


Here's how. Your marketing brochures, business cards, flyers, magnets, and labels all provide the perfect opportunity for you to show customers that your business is green. Green printed items show your customers that your business uses environmentally friendly printing services. Green printing services include the use of paper stocks that are both recyclable and recycled. Green paper stocks include at least 80% post consumer waste in the paper fiber. Green printing also leverages non-petroleum inks such as soy based and water based inks. Make sure that you have a green printing partner like handling your printing the green way!

  1. Responsibly Green: Many businesses have added the recycle logo to their printed materials. Does adding just the triangle say enough? Go Greener! Develop a short tag line that quickly states that you're green for a reason; that your business understands that being green is more than a fad, it's the best way for responsible businesses to support our environment. As an example, try a simple green tag line like "This Is A Green Document" or "We Mean Green". Get creative! Use your green tag line whenever you use green printing services. Keep it simple and small, but display your responsibly green tag line in a prominent spot, the upper or lower left corner of most documents makes for perfect placement! Be responsible, use green printing services and display your green tag line on materials that are actually green.


  3. Registered Green: You can become registered as a green business. Here's how. The Green Business Alliance offers your business or organization everything you need to become certified green by them. The process is simple and can dramatically increase the positive impact your business can have on the environment. You need to visit the web site to sign up and begin "greenifying" your business. Once you're accepted into the alliance you can proudly - and appropriately - display the Green Business Alliance seal on your web site and on materials that use environmentally friendly printing processes. We suggest that you incorporate the Green Business Alliance logo into your green tag line if possible. Include the seal on all of your marketing materials right along with your green tag line. Set your business and your green printing practices apart, register green!
  4. Rewarded With Green: The rewards of environmentally friendly printing are at least two fold. First, and most importantly, when your business opts to go for green printing services, you've made the decision to select recycled paper products that contain responsible levels of post-consumer by-products. You've selected printing processes that favor soy over petro-chemical based inks. You've made a green start. By going with green printing services you've also given your business new growth potential. Your prospects, customers or members will respond to your willingness to respect the environment - often by awarding you business that might have gone to non-green businesses. Green is good for the environment and green is good for business.

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