Fanfold Labels Basics


Fanfold labels are meant for use with pinfeed printers. Fanfold labels design is based on the pre-sized label sizes and shapes available and the ink color capabilities of the label manufacturer. Full color, photo quality printing is not available on fanfold labels.

To save time and reduce costs, select your fanfold label size before you start your design. Once you know your label size, be sure you include only spot colors and vector or line art graphics in your design.® can print almost any fanfold label design from your digital, spot color artwork.

Shapes and Sizes

We suggest that you select your size and shape from the many standard die cut sizes we offer. Choosing a standard fanfold label die size will trim costs and reduce turnaround time. Non-standard or custom dies are available providing you precise size and shape options. Bear in mind that custom dies add time and cost to your project.


Use these factors to determine the size of your fanfold labels or pinfeed labels:

  • What label size best fits your fanfold labels design?
  • What is the smallest area that your labels will be applied to? Make sure you pick a size that fits that area.

Make sure that your fanfold labels design fits the available sizes and that the size you select can be affixed where required. Again, we suggest that you become familiar with the standard fanfold sizes available before starting your design. Our standard fanfold label sizes will work well for many applications. Here are some options to consider if a workable size is not available from our standard size list. You can keep costs down and manage turnaround time by trying one of roll label products. These labels are available in many sizes and shapes though they only come on rolls and will not feed through pinfeed label printers. If roll labels will not work for you, we can help by working with you on a custom die. We can order almost any size or shape of fanfold labels printing die. Please contact customer service more information on custom fanfold labels dies.


We offer many standard fanfold labels printing materials. To determine the best material for your fanfold labels or pinfeed labels project, consider these factors:


Fanfold Labels Material Considerations

  • Will Labels Be Exposed To Extreme Heat or Cold
  • Will Labels Be Exposed To UV or Direct Sunshine for Long Periods
  • Will Labels Be Applied Once - Or Will They Be Moved?
  • Will Labels Be Applied To Plastics?
  • Will Labels Need To Be Clear or Transparent

Fanfold labels material options will range from matte, gloss paper, and fluorescent paper labels to foils, opaque films, and Kimdura. Thermal transfer label stock is also a standard fanfold material choice.® offers removable or permanent adhesives on many materials.


Custom fanfold labels materials are available, though opting for custom materials will impact your cost and turnaround time. Please contact customer service to discuss your custom material needs in detail.

Special Features & Options

My1Stop® offers the options below for fanfold labels printing:


My1Stop® Fanfold Labels Options

  • Barcodes
  • Human Readable Numbers (with or without barcode)

Custom Graphic Design Services

Barcodes and numbering for fanfold label printing. Our most commonly printed bar codes are 3 of 9 barcodes. This is what most barcode scanners read. It is the most popular barcode scanning symbology next to UPC codes. UPC codes are printed in black and are considered artwork rather than numbering. We also offer code 128 barcodes, code 2 of 5 barcodes and no barcode as options. Human readable numbers are also available and can be printed to match the optically scanable barcode. This solution is valuable as a quick reference when scanners are not available.


Our barcodes and numbers are mechanically printed with the highest available black-to-white printing ratios for optimal barcode readability.


For help designing a functional and creative fanfold labels design, please contact our graphic design services team.