Cold Grip® Export Labels

Cold Grip® Export Labels

Our Cold Grip® Export Labels are perfect for customers that are ready to get away from messy stamps and paper labels that curl. Our proprietary construction has been tested extensively to ensure the labels will stick in extreme conditions and to wet or dry boxes.


  • Distribution
  • Cold storage facilities
  • Processing Plants
  • Refrigerated Truck Transporting


  • Wet, dry or already frozen surfaces
  • Corrugated boxes
  • Metal/Poly/Fiber


  • Aggressive proprietary adhesive
  • Durable face material
  • Tamper-proof slits available
  • Custom sizes and color options available


  • Corrective labeling for already frozen surfaces
  • Labels won’t stretch or curl
  • Withstands standard freezer temperatures
  • Resistant to moisture and frost build-up
  • Withstands variations in temperature conditions
  • DT and TT options

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Cold Grip Export Labels
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