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Do you need a creative way to save the date for your upcoming event? Are you trying to market, and grow, your business by using direct mail services?® can help you with all of your mailing services, including bulk mailing. Direct mail services can be tricky without someone to help you through the process. At®, we can handle all of your mailing services by purchasing a bulk mailing list if needed, Cass Certification, sorting and mailing. It is that easy to jump into the world of direct mail services!®’s direct mail services are vast. We have many products to select from to help you with any bulk mailing. Choose from a postcard, plastic mailer, pressure seal or brochure mailing to name just a few. 

Key Components of Direct Mail Services

Direct mail services consist of 3 main parts that figure into the overall cost of your mailing:

  • Printing the mail piece
  • Variable imaging/sorting of your bulk mailing
  • Postage

Although all three parts directly affect each other, the postage will have the biggest impact on the cost of your mailing services.® will help you determine the best direct mail services to help you reduce cost. As part of our offering, we can also help with your current database. The best file formats for your mailing list would be an Excel or a Text File in either a CSV (Comma Separated) or a Comma Delimited format.® can accept other file formats if necessary depending on the direct mail service you need. We also keep current on all mailing services updates by the USPS. For all of your mailing services questions, turn to the experts at®.

Mailing Services Applications® Direct Mail Services & Bulk Mailings offer satisfaction for all of your direct mail services needs, with services designed to fit individual requests and products that exceed expectations. You send the data and we do the rest. Pressure Seal options include imaging, folding, sealing, and mailing services. While direct mail services on plastic card mailers and postcards include imaging, mailing services, bar coding, numbering, and more variable printing solutions. Add these direct mail services to postcards, plastic mailers, brochures, pressure seal and other feature products. Apply your variable mailing information, numbering or barcodes to all document types, including forms, labels, mailers and more to create a bulk mailing. We can provide the whole direct mail services package - variable imaging, print-on-demand, padding, drilling, binding, mailing services, inserting, tabbing, folding, sealing, and so much more!

Keep Information updated for USPS mailing services or check to see what is required by the USPS.

Design Services for Direct Mail Services

Getting your product design just right is critical when it comes to bulk mailing. Our design service team has the experience you need to get the design right for any product that requires mailing services. Let our design service team help create a well-connected direct mail project to fit your needs. Contact our customer service team, today.

Request Custom Design Services for your Direct Mail Services Project.


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