Custom Graphic Overlays

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Custom Graphic Overlays – Quick Specs

  • Materials-Lexan®,LexValu™, LexValu Plus™
  • Barcodes, Serial Numbers and Text
  • Printing Method-Digital Sub-Surface Printing
  • Quantities-Minimum Order Is 1 Graphic Overlay
  • Sizes and Shapes-Any Size and Any Shape – No Extra Charge
  • Pricing-Instant Online Pricing and Toll Free Customer Service
  • Turnaround Time-4 Days

Custom Graphic Overlays - Product Details

Custom graphic overlays are digitally cut and sub-surface printed into Lexan® and other materials to provide the most accurate fitting and durable custom overlays. Digital cutting is done to a tolerance of .067 inches on each graphic overlay using plotter driven tools that eliminate the need for expensive custom graphic overlay dies. All printing for custom graphic overlays, including variable barcodes, numbering and text is done from behind - providing clear and deep sub-surface protection of the graphic overlay design. The predominate material for custom graphic overlays, Lexan®, is just one of the many graphic overlay materials we offer. All custom graphic overlays ship within 4 days standard.

Custom Graphic Overlays - Popular Uses

Custom graphic overlays are used in many commercial, industrial, military and consumer applications. Lexan® graphic overlays, originally developed for military use, are the most common custom graphic overlays because of the durable nature of printed Lexan®. Here are some popular examples of custom graphic overlays:

  • Military Use: Custom graphic overlays are used on submarines, aircraft and vehicle bodies and for numerous control panel graphic overlay applications.
  • Industrial Use: Custom graphic overlays are used on interior and exterior control panels for applications ranging from heavy equipment to fine instruments.
  • Commercial Use: Lexan® and LexValu™ for curved areas is used on custom graphic overlays for espresso machines, to HVAC units.
  • Consumer Use: Cell phones, laptops, PDAs and many consumer devices use custom graphic overlays to protect vital interfaces.

Contact our graphic overlay customer service team when you need information and samples of custom graphic overlays.