Blank Stock Memo Form & Envelope 8.5 x 11

Form and Envelope Combined Into One Laser Compatible Mailer

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Blank Stock Memo Form & Envelope 8.5 x 11

Form-N-Envelope Mailers – Quick Specs

  • Form and Envelope Combined Into One Laser Compatible Mailer
  • Available in Both a Blank and Custom Version
  • Detachable Portion To Return or Keep For Your Records
  • One or Two Color Customized Options Available Upon Request
  • Same Day Shipping for Stock Forms if Order is Placed by 12:00 pm CST

Form-N-Envelope Mailers – Product Details has made doing business a bit easier with the addition of the Form-N-Envelope, a unique application that gives an envelope, or pocket, application built right into the form. This is ideal when you need to generate a document and the outgoing envelope in one easy step. The form and envelope combinations can also be used to create a form with the return envelope attached; including remoistenable glue for sealing. This is a great for statement mailers

The ability to design a form with an attached envelope can open sales opportunities in existing and new accounts. Additional features such as transfer tape, CB/CF coating and perforations may be added to the design. In addition, the Form-N-Envelope is laser compatible and is available as a custom imprinted product as well as blank stock.

Types of applications for Form-N-Envelope are business correspondence w/return envelope (i.e. statements, collection letters, past due notices, direct mail sales, etc.), personal correspondence, time sheets, expense reports and payment vouchers.

Form-N-Envelope Mailers - Features, Benefits And Applications

Feature: Forms are laser compatible
Benefit: Specially designed for use in laser printers.

Feature: Form & envelope printed at same time
Benefit: Ink colors are guaranteed to match.

Feature: Form & envelope imaged in one pass through printer
Benefit: Saves processing time and eliminates mismatching errors.

Feature: Form & envelope combined
Benefit: Only have to inventory one item.

Here A Few Great Ways To Use Form And Envelope Combinations:

  • Doctors/medical centers for invoicing/outgoing envelope and form
  • Financial institutions for deposit envelopes and forms
  • Schools and non-profit organizations for fund raisers envelope and form
  • Any organization for expense reports/receipt carrier envelope and form
  • Direct mail applications with return information needed are combining envelope and form
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