Sell Sheet Printing - Color Sell Sheet Printing at a Glance

While full color sell sheet printing can be done in almost any size, there are standard sizes. The standard full color product sheets and information sheet printing sizes are 8 1/2” x 11”, 8 1/2” x 14” and 11” x 17".  Typically, sell sheets are measured with the sell sheet unfolded.

Getting the right size for your sell sheet design is based on content. The right time to pick the size is when you have a good sense of the images and messages you want your sell sheets to communicate. Standard sizes will work great for most sell sheets and product sheets. They are sized just right to work as handouts and as inserts into presentation folders or sell sheet holders.

 Smaller sizes work best as single product sell sheet or information sheet.

Custom sized or die cut sell sheet printing works best if you really need to make your sell sheets stand out. Be sure to consider how your sell sheets will be presented. In some cases, special sell sheet shapes and sizes will require a custom size or shaped presentation folder, leaflet holders or mailing envelopes.

Paper Stock

The standard color sell sheet printing paper stocks are 80# Gloss Text, 100# Gloss Text, 80# Gloss Cover and 100# Gloss Cover. The term 80# or 100# simply refers to the "weight" of the paper stock. 80# paper stock is lighter than 100#.

Text stock is less opaque than cover stock. This means that a 100# text stock is easier to see through than 100# cover stock. We suggest 100# cover stock if your sell sheet or product sheet design includes a lot of text or large images on either side of the sell sheet. The heavier, less opaque cover stock will reduce show through and provide a more professional appearance for your full color sell sheet printing project.

 We do offer custom paper stock. Custom paper can be ordered to create a very unique look and feel for your custom sell sheets. Keep in mind, custom paper will typically increase your overall printing costs and will add to your turnaround time.  Contact us for more information about custom paper options for sell sheets, product sheets and information sheets.

Folding Options

Half fold, tri-fold, gate fold, no folds, or Accordion Fold? Make your decision about full color sell sheet printing folds by answering these 3 simple questions:

  • First, will a fold “pull” viewers into the sell sheet?
  • Second, will folds split your messages well?
  • Third, does your message work without folds?

Custom folds are available, too. Typically, folds must run parallel to an edge of the full color flyer. We can also add business card slits to sell sheets or product sheets to accommodate horizontal or vertical business card.


Not all full color sell sheet printing is the same. We offer photo quality, digital printing. Most sell sheet and product sheet printing is less crisp than photo prints. Not ours! Printing with our digital equipment means that your information can look better than a photograph - at less than traditional prices.


Printing quality such as ours is dependant on good sell sheet design. Make certain that you use high resolution images to get optimal printing results. At times, sell sheet design can be a bit overwhelming. If you need help, just contact our design professionals. They can help with everything from design suggestions to complete layout and image sourcing. Contact our full color sell sheet design professionals.


Think affordable. Really. Our sell sheet printing is competitive, fast and affordable. We urge you to compare our pricing and quality to any other company.