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Mailers – Direct Mail Marketing Postcards, Membership Cards, Self Seal Direct Mailers and More…

We’ve added innovation to many traditional direct mail products to lower print-to-mail time frames and costs and to improve direct mail marketing response rates. You can see these direct mail marketing innovations by clicking on the products below. You will see self sealing direct mail products, plastic postcards for direct mail marketing and envelopes and forms that can be printed together in one cycle through most desktop printers.



Mailers – Quick Specs

  • Types Of Mailer Products: Direct mail marketing postcards, direct mail membership cards, direct mail form-envelope combinations and self seal direct mail marketing mailers
  • Materials: Plastic, Paper and Other Materials
  • Variable Printing: Different Names, Images and Offers On Each Piece
  • Mailing List Management: Secure Online Upload or Traditional CD Via Mail
  • Printing Colors: Spot and Full Photo Color
  • Shapes & Sizes: Many Standard Sizes or Any Custom Size or Shape
  • To Get Pricing: Instant Online Pricing and Toll Free Customer Service
  • Turnaround Time: Varies With Each Product

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Mailers - Product Details

Mailers come in a variety of product styles from membership cards to monthly statements to direct mail marketing pieces. We offer traditional direct mail products including envelope and letter combinations and post card mailings made from plastic cards and we offer traditional direct mail marketing postcards, as well.  We understand that direct mail is about the data. Your data. We can work with any type of data file and we can print your direct mail marketing data - names, offers, dates and even images – differently on each direct mail piece. We are the trusted source for innovative direct mail marketing.


Our Most Popular Mailer Applications and Innovations

Our most popular direct mail applications and innovations  include:

  • Applications
  • Post card mailings - Used to direct mail announcements, appointments, sales and events.
  • Direct mail envelopes and letters - For mailing statements, insurance policies and targeted direct mail marketing pieces.
  • Innovations
  • Mail Friendly Plastic Postcards – Plastic postcards that can have punch out cards really pop-up direct mail marketing response rates.
  • All-In-One Card Mailers – Simply print on any desktop printer and membership cards and gift cards are direct-mail-ready!
  • Self-Seal-Mailers - Combine your desktop printer with a folder-sealer and you can print, fold and mail in-house to cut direct mail time and costs.

Mailer - Resources

Direct mail can be complicated. Our customer service pros are ready to help clear the fog. Just contact us when you need some relief!. If your project is ready to go, we have instant online pricing for almost all of our direct mail marketing products including post card mailings.


Here are some links to help you with your direct mail project:


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Direct Mail FAQ


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