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DNA Envelopes

DNA Envelopes


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Product Details

My1Stop DNA Envelopes have an innovative design incorporating handwritten communication with a sample transportation unit. The design can include multiple envelopes, poly windows, numbering, bar coding, security seals, and bi-directional envelopes to protect against sample tampering.

There are numerous applications for pocket transfer documents for various types of samples and collections. DNA testing is now used in medical centers to law enforcement to horse racing. Any application involving the transfer of material to be tested is an opportunity to design a new solution using a variation of My1Stop Inc’s DNA envelope.

Applications for DNA envelopes include DNA Collection transportation, documentation and sample transportation. Accurate DNA Collection is vital in any situation. From crime scene investigation to medical, DNA Envelopes are a significant part of the process.

Features of My1Stop DNA Envelopes have bar coding, numbering, one direction or bi directional sealing systems, multiple pockets for transportation and storage, camera verification for bar codes and numbering, finger print areas and breathable materials reduce opportunity for mold contamination. They also have an option of paper, glassine or poly pockets.

Benefits of My1Stop DNA Envelopes

  • Bar coding allows for cross-referencing.
  • Security seals ensure tamper evidence.
  • Poly window allows for bar code scanning without opening
  • Storage envelopes keep entire kit ready for use
  • Camera verification ensures accuracy
  • Design can be altered to fit application
  • Under one roof production

Who is using My1Stop DNA Envelopes today?

Common uses for DNA Envelopes are in Law enforcement, forensics labs, archeology, and other testing laboratories.
  • Law enforcement (State, Federal, Local)
  • Forensics Laboratories
  • Archeology
  • Testing Laboratories
  • Medical Identification
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