Warning Labels Basics

Warning Labels - Design

Warning Labels design should feature readily identifiable "warning" graphics, attention grabbing ink color contrasts and large, clearly visible simple style fonts. The best warning label designs should be crisp and simple in presentation of their message.


The use of universal symbols is an excellent choice for warning label graphics. OSHA, ANSI and other organizations have made these symbols readily identifiable. If you need help finding warning label graphics, juts ask our customer service team for help. The use of reverse type (white type in a black ground as an example) will help to make your warning label graphics highly visible. The use of certain red, orange and yellow ink colors can also create graphic contrast that gets your warning labels noticed - quickly.


Need help with your design? Our graphic design services team is experienced in warning label design. Please contact them if you need design assistance


Shapes and Sizes

My1Stop.com cuts warning labels with uses digital cutting tools. We do not use dies. This means that you can design warning labels in almost any shape or size. Digitally cut warning labels can be fit into almost any area of wall, vehicle or machine without the cost of traditional dies. We offer five standard sizes to choose from; however, if you need another size, we can help with that too!


Your warning label size and shape should be determined by these factors:

  • Determine the height and width of the area where the warning labels will be displayed.
  • Determine is the shape of the area where the warning labels will be displayed.

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Warning Labels Printing - Materials

Our recommended materials for warning label printing are shown below.


My1Stop.com Recommended Warning Label Materials

  • Polyester 2 mil gloss white
  • Vinyl 4 mil gloss white
  • 6 mil white Convex Vinyl

Polyester 2 mil gloss white is the perfect choice for warning labels that must applied to curved or irregular surface shapes. Works best when there are no severe temperature, abrasion or moisture concerns.


Vinyl 4 mil gloss white is an economical choice for warning labels applied to larger, flat surfaces where there are no severe temperature, abrasion or moisture concerns.


6 mil White Convex Vinyl is a great material if you need a label that sticks on plastics and rounded surfaces.


If you need samples of warning label materials, just let our customer service team know. When you're ready for an instant online price, just click the link below.


Warning Labels Printing - Special Features & Options

The My1Stop.com warning labels printing options are shown below:


My1Stop.com Warning Label Printing Options

  • Variable Text and Images
  • Internal Cut Outs
  • Graphic Design Services

Variable text and images - My1Stop.com unique digital label printing equipment enables you to print different warning text or graphics from one warning label to another.


Internal cut outs - My1Stop.com can print warning labels with cut outs or holes within the body of the warning label. Each hole is digitally cut to within approximately 1/64".  Internal cut outs can be useful if your warning labels will be affixed over screws or bolts or over a feature of your product. Contact our customer service team for more information.