Asset Tags Basics

Design, Size and Color

Asset tags should feature a simple design to make communication of data quick and easy. Asset tag designs should include these two basic design elements: company or organization name - and a black barcode or number. 

Using reverse type for personalization can be effective and allows a color close to the corporate color scheme to be used. However, using high contrast or high visibility colors have greater value. These colors tend to make the asset tags stand out. It also alerts potential thieves to the presence of the asset tags - thereby providing an additional level of security. 

Pricing on our website includes two colors: One accent color (located in the drop down menu) plus black for barcoding and numbering. If you would like to use your logo, please contact our customer service team for more details. Most often, if a simple black or white logo is used, there is normally not an additional fee. 

The size of your asset tags should be determined by these factors: 

1. What size of asset label do you need? Do you small asset tags to identify those objects with very little space or something larger?
2. Do you need a barcode, number or both on the asset tags? 

Once you have these answers, you are ready to choose the type of asset tags that will work best for your company. offers 4 different styles of barcodes to choose from. Standard asset tags sizes will work well for most applications.

  • 1" x 2" Standard Barcode Asset Tag
  • 3/4" x 1-1/2" Small Barcode Asset Tag
  • 3/4" x 1-1/2" Small Number Only Asset Tag
  • .09" x 3.125" AssetTrack-It™ Tag

Use the largest standard size asset tags that will fit on your equipment.  If you need to place a tracker on multiple pieces of equipment, you can also try our AssetTrack-It ™ labels that allow you to place a barcode on the main component and smaller, number only labels on connecting or related equipment. Custom sized asset tags may be required for very small equipment or for unusual placement of the asset labels. We can print any size and any shape of asset label. Click the link below and then click the "Get Custom Quote" link under the quoter. 

Get your asset tags price!

Materials offers 5 different material options, each with their own special set of properties to provide the best asset tag for your needs. These include metalized matte and gloss white polyester, security 'VOID' polyester, destructable-reflective vinyl and LexValue Plus™. These materials are time-proven to be flexible enough for most equipment shapes and durable enough for most equipment environments. 

The destructable-reflective vinyl asset tags material will flake or chip when any attempt is made to remove them. These asset tags materials cost slightly more - they can do a great deal more than our standard polyester material to protect your equipment from theft. 

Similarly, our "VOID" asset tags material costs more and can do more for you. This material reveals the word "VOID" should the top layer of the asset tags be removed. The adhesive is quite aggressive, so any attempt to remove the asset labels results in the top layer peeling away - revealing the "VOID" pattern. 

A "sub-surface" printing method is used to help make your asset tags very durable. Sub-surface is the process of printing on the backside of clear material as a mirror image.  The adhesive and liner are then applied to the equipment that you would like a tracker on.  Since the printing is now on the underside this creates a protective barrier that will hold up to various conditions of everyday use. 


If you choose to add barcoding to your asset labels, we also offer Code 3 of 9, Code 128 and Code 2 of 5 as asset tags barcode options. The most commonly used barcode symbology printing is a 3 of 9 barcode. This is what many barcode scanners read and is the most popular barcode scanning symbology. We also print the human read barcode to match the optically scan able barcode.   This helps for a quick reference when not using a scanner. Our barcodes are digitally printed with the highest available black-to-white printing ratios for optimal scan ability. 


All asset tags should be personalized with your business or organization name. As an option, you can include your main telephone number or perhaps your logo. We suggest that you use our online design tool to personalize your asset labels. Our tool helps you select the correct size, material and barcode symbology as well. Enter your text and see an instant on-screen preview of your personalized asset label design.